CLMP Literary Press and Magazine Directory

CLMP Directory of Literary Magazines and PressesCLMP Literary Press and Magazine Directory


Features Include:

  • Tips for submissions success from leading editors
  • Profiles of top publishers and journal editors
  • Leading literary webzines
  • Canadian literary presses and journals
  • and Foreword by Chris Abani

"The Directory has everything you want to know about literary publishing but were afraid to ask. It's an invaluable guide. Who knew there was so much out there! A book like this gives lovers of literature a feeling of hope, a sense that we're not alone."
— Jonathon Ames, author of Wake Up, Sir!

"As the CLMP has been proving for a long time now, proving beyond even the proverbial shadow of doubt, there is another way of looking at the world, one that cherishes what literary writers do. Here is that world view!"
— Rick Moody, author of Right Livelihoods

"If you pick up the Directory published by the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses, you can see at once that there are women and men poets, storytellers, critics of literature and the criticized who have not given up. They have to write and they have to publish.... The information for submission is clear, and there is a variety of presses (like Hanging Loose, Seven Stories, Curbstone, New Directions) and magazines as well, from the well-situated (by geography or longevity) to newer smaller ones longing for good work."
— Grace Paley, author of Little Disturbances of Man

"This Directory is exciting in much the way that small press catalogs are exciting: it is a catalog of possibilities for writers, young and old, beginning and established. It offers glimpses into the aesthetics of the magazines and publishing houses that truly keep American letters alive and vital. Any cutting-edge work will be found in the pages of the presses here. All the new movements, and so all the new thinking in literature, will be found here. This book is really as much for readers as it is for writers."
— from the forward by Percival Everett

Whether you're a writer of fiction, poetry, or prose, the CLMP Literary Press and Magazine Directory is the essential source for expanding any would-be author's publishing horizons. Inside find completely updated entries for independent book publishers, literary magazines, and online literary journals. Each listing provides all the information necessary to get one's work into print: journal and press descriptions, submission guidelines, contact names and addresses, and circulation figures. Extensive indexes make it easy to sort out the most promising options for publication.

$23.95 , Trade paper
423 pp, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2

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