Submission Manager

Submission Manager is an online system for accepting and managing written submissions for a magazine or press. It's easy to use, affordable, and flexible enough to work with any submission and reading process. Submission Manager allows you to:

Accept submissions through your web site. You will be able to:
Easily manage the genres that you accept.
Control the number of submissions an author can make to your publication.
Manage reading periods—the system goes on- or offline during designated reading periods.
Track submissions automatically.
Submission manager eliminates the need for a separate tracking system.
Submitters log their own address information into the database.
Submitters can log into their account and see the status of their submission.
Staff members can search submissions and contacts in a variety of ways.
Staff members can instantly view all submissions by a given writer.
The system sends out automatic emails confirming that a submission has been received.
Assign submissions to editors and readers.
Staff members can view all submissions using their web browser.
Top-level editors can control who on their staff can accept submissions and who can reject them.
Top-level editors can sort and assign submissions by genre.
Top-level editors can see which staff members have which submissions.
Accept or reject submissions individually or en masse, and create standard and personalized email rejections.
Customize the front end and back end appearance.
All colors and fonts can be changed to work with your web design.
Your logo can appear on all pages.

Required for installation:

  • Web server
  • PHP (version 4.3 or higher) with MySQL support—free download
  • MySQL (version 4.1 or higher)—download free Community Edition
  • SMTP application (if you want the system to send email notifications)
  • Web Browser (set to accept cookies)

Please check with your hosting company / IT personnel to make sure that your server supports the necessary tools to run Submission Manager. If you wish to see a demo of Submission Manager or have any technical questions please contact Devin Emke via No refunds after purchase.

Submission Manager consists of a MySQL database with front end programmed in PHP.

Staff members access and use Submission Manager through their web browser. It has been tested on a wide variety of current browsers including Internet Explorer 6.x, Firefox (any version), and Safari 2.x. Some features may not work on earlier versions of these browsers, but newer versions of all of these browsers are freely available. To read the documentation that accompanies Submission Manager, click here.

1. Price (price includes New York State sales tax): $200

2. Payment Information:
Check: or  Credit Card:  
NOTE: * denotes a required field in section 2. Credit Card Number and Expiration date only required for Credit Card transactions. Please send checks to: CLMP, 154 Christopher Street Suite 3C, New York, NY 10014.
    * Credit Card Number:
* Expiration Date:
* Name on Card:
   (or name if paid by check)
* Billing Address for This Card:
   (or address if paid by check)
* City:
* State:
* Zip Code:

3. General Information:  
NOTE: * denotes a required field in section 3.
* Name of Magazine:
* Magazine's Circulation:
* Your Email Address:
  (Your files will be sent here. NOTE: Please provide a general magazine inbox rather than a personal address, as future updates to Submissions Manager will be sent to this address.)

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