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One-on-one meetings with industry-leading fiction and nonfiction agents.


Tuesday, May 15 2018 at 7 PM EST. Finding an agent takes time and knowhow. Pitch Central offers an immediate, face-to-face meeting with a prospective agent seeking new clients. Cut through response times and competition to leave a memorable impression; make inroads to achieving your career goals as a writer. Perhaps meet the perfect agent for you or narrow your search by receiving caring guidance to hone your pitch.
Applicants will have the opportunity to select from two meeting levels that allow writers in different stages of their manuscript to receive immediate feedback:


  • $100 Quick Pitch

    Whether or not your manuscript is finished, discuss with an agent its overall premise, receiving feedback on where and how it might fit in the marketplace. Six minutes.
  • $200 Full Pitch

    Submit a query letter, synopsis, and 15 double-spaced pages in advance; your agent will review your materials and come prepared to advise you on next steps. Twelve minutes.


Pitch Central takes place at the lively Solas Bar, a friendly setting in Manhattan’s East Village frequented by writers and publishing professionals hailing from presses small and large. Spend some time in the Pitch Central Authors Lounge building community with your fellow writers.



Note: Application portal closes April 13.



Amanda Annis

Amanda Annis (Trident Media Group) has a background in creative writing and literature that guides her point of view as an agent. She loves narratives that take her into a world she would not know otherwise, especially those that are beautifully told. She has also worked as a writer, a bookseller, and an editor at several publishers including Penguin Random House, Cambridge University Press, and Love Among the Ruins.

Caroline Eisenmann

Caroline Eisenmann (Frances Goldin Literary Agency) is particularly drawn to novels that engage with social issues, stories about obsession, and work that centers around intimacy and its discontents. Her nonfiction interests include deeply reported narratives (especially those that take the reader into the heart of a subculture), literary memoir, cultural criticism, essay collections, and history and biography with a surprising point of view.

Erin Harris

Erin Harris (Folio Literary Management) is drawn to literary novels rooted in a speculative or fabulist tradition; novels that center marginalized voices; multi-generational family sagas; and atmospheric novels with a strong sense of place. In non-fiction, Erin is interested in subject-driven narratives, “big idea” books, essay collections, feminism, books that promote social justice, and memoir.

Grace Ross

Grace Ross (Regal Hoffmann & Associates) is interested in literary fiction that experiments with form and speaks to the current cultural climate; historical fiction; international narratives; and dynamic plots that bridge genres. In nonfiction, she is looking for socially and politically conscious narratives, popular science, biography, cultural theory, and memoir.

Monica Odom

Monica Odom (Liza Dawson Associates) represents a variety of nonfiction by authors, as well as literary and upmarket fiction, and illustrators. Monica earned her Masters in Publishing: Digital & Print Media from New York University in 2014.

Jody Kahn

Jody Khan (Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc.) represents both literary and upmarket fiction, as well as narrative nonfiction; and across all categories is looking for books that are beautifully written while also containing a really good story. Dark and edgy is always a plus, as is humor.



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