An Invitation to A YEAR OF HYGGE: Calling all writers, artists, photographers, and makers

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Glacehouse Books

Call For Submissions

A Year of Hygge: The Invitation

Glasshouse Books invites artists, poets, and writers to submit their work and get cozy with us for our upcoming quarterly publication: “A YEAR OF HYGGE.”

The theme for this year’s anthology is ‘comfort.’ The concept of comfort is deeply intimate and we encourage makers of all kinds to share their interpretation comfort in their own unique ways. Whether through visual art, poetry, shorts stories,  or other forms of prose, we want to see submissions that evoke emotions of comfort in our readers. How do you define comfort? What does it look like? How does it make you feel? We invite you to explore these questions through art, poetry, and prose. 

About the Project

“A YEAR OF HYGGE” is a dreamy publication that will be available in both print and digital format. It is an offering of comfort and coziness. Starting this Fall 2023 “A YEAR OF HYGGE” will be released quarterly on every upcoming equinox and solstice. Each installment invites both contributors and readers to journey through changing seasons, celebrating the art of finding joy and tranquility in everyday moments. 

We are particularly passionate of highlighting the unique experience of marginalized folk—  whether Black, Indigenous, Femme, Non-binary, Trans, and/or Disabled— in their quest for crafting warmth and serenity in a world that so regularly forces us to be cold, and hypervigilante. This project is a treasure trove of visual art, heartfelt poetry, and insightful prose that captures the essence of creating comfort and softness in hard places. 

“A YEAR OF HYGGE” asks us all to embark on a year-long journey of comfort and coziness, ease and pleasure, and discover the restorative power of finding solace in a world that often demands resilience. 

Submission Guidelines

Selection Process

Our editorial team will carefully review each submission, considering its artistic merit, literary quality, concept, and relevance to the theme. Selected artists, poets, and writers will be notified via email. If your work is chosen for publication, we will request additional details and permissions necessary for inclusion, and to make sure we are able to ship you a copy of the work in print. 

Please note that while we appreciate all submissions, we may not be able to respond to each one individually.

The selected artworks, poems, and prose pieces will be featured in “A YEAR OF HYGGE,” which will be available in both digital and print formats. Artists, poets, and writers whose work is chosen will receive a copy of the publication and will retain all copyright to their respective pieces.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and exploring the concept of comfort through various artistic and literary forms

We are so excited to read, view, feel all of the pieces that you submit! Thank you so much for your contributions to this effort! 

—Editorial Team @theglacehouse

Submission Period
July 17, 2023 - April 25, 2024

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