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Call For Submissions

We are a literary journal and community for LGBTQIA+ poets who have not yet published a full-length collection.

Our goal is to put poetry out into the world that allows readers to feel powerful but calm, infinite but grounded, and raw but connected.

Who You Are:

  • An LQBTQ+ poet who writes lyrical or narrative free-verse poetry
  • A serious writer who has not yet published a full-length collection
  • You desperately want to:
    • break into the publishing world and establish credibility to jump-start your academic or creative career
    • increase your reach and share your art with the world
  • A poet who feels alone and wishes you had a community you could bounce ideas off of, get guidance from, refine your craft and collaborate with
  • so that you can
    • get internationally published
    • publish full-length collections.
    • become highly reviewed by credible journals
    • inspire the next generation of artists

What We Want to Publish:

Here at Blue Dahlia Review, we are looking to publish lyrical or narrative free-verse poems. To help you figure out if your work would be a good fit for us, we’ve listed some traits of the poems we’ve found intriguing in the past.

  • An emphasis on vulnerability while avoiding sentimentality
  • Has a balanced view of the world (light vs. dark, expansiveness vs. limitation, fear vs. perseverance)
  • Uses association and ambiguity to further main concepts
  • Prioritizes honesty, tenderness and silence
  • Uses accessible diction
  • Creates multiple universes
  • Avoids experimentation for the sake of experimentation

Submission Period
August 7, 2023 - August 7, 2024

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Cloe Watson
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