Call for Poetry Manuscripts

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Call For Submission

We want to publish your poetry manuscript!

We are open for submissions of poetry, including hybrid and experimental poetics.

Submissions should be a minimum of 48 pages, with each poem beginning on a new page.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. We require a $10 submission fee to cover overhead costs to review all manuscripts. All submitters will receive a free PDF copy of one of our poetry chapbooks.

What kind of works do we like?

We like eco-poetics, speculative poetry, and anything that challenges what we think of as “poetry.” We also like poetry that tackles political and social topics with nuance. We like experimental stuff. We also love works that combine visuals with text.
We don’t care if you have a degree in writing, but we care that your writing is thoughtful and evokes feeling in the reader. We want to have an experience when we’re reading your manuscript.

Please note:

  • We only publish inclusive works.
  • You must have a complete manuscript ready upon submission.
  • We will not accept multiple submissions from any one person, unless otherwise noted. Please send one manuscript at a time.
  • If any of your work has been previously published,  please indicate where and when in your cover letter.

Submission Period
February 2, 2021 -March 7, 2021

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Madi Giovina
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