CavanKerry Press Seeks Life-Illuminating Books of Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction Essays, and Memoir

Call For Submissions

CavanKerry Press is open for Submissions from July 1st through July 31st and we look forward to reading your writing! Please read the complete guidelines before submitting your manuscript.

Who May Submit

You! CavanKerry Press publishes works that explore the emotional and psychological landscapes of everyday life. We are looking to read about experiences from writers of all backgrounds. We are particularly interested in receiving more work from queer, trans, and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) voices and are committed to publishing a diverse roster of authors each year. With our LaurelBooks: The Literature of Illness and Disability imprint, CavanKerry is also especially engaged with work from people living with physical and/or mental illness and disability. Our Florenz Eisman Memorial Collection features authors from our home state of New Jersey.

The Open Submissions Period is open during even-numbered years to anyone writing primarily in the English language and living in the United States, regardless of prior publication history. The first round of submissions will be read by a diverse pool of outside readers, with subsequent rounds being read by CavanKerry authors and our editorial staff. Final decisions will be made by CavanKerry staff based on the quality of work and its alignment with our commitment to expanding the reach of poetry to a general readership. 

We are always impressed by the quality of work we read, and we receive many more manuscripts worthy of publication than we are able to publish. Careful and thoughtful consideration is given to each work before decisions are made.

Reading Fee

CavanKerry Press is a committed member of the writing community. To better meet the financial needs of our fellow writers, we revised our submission fees in 2020 to offer a “Pay what you can” structure, with $10$18, and $25 options. This change is an effort to further our ongoing mission as an inclusive publisher to authors of all socioeconomic backgrounds and in no way impacts consideration of individual manuscripts. If you need additional financial assistance, please email Gabriel Cleveland, Managing Editor, as we are able to accommodate a limited number of free submissions for writers-in-need on a first-come, first-served basis.

All submissions should be made through Submittable. All submitters may also choose to receive one of CavanKerry’s books from the list provided below. Book mailings will begin in August.

Manuscript Requirements

  • All poetry manuscripts must be a minimum of 50 pages and should not be much longer than 100 pages. Nonfiction manuscripts should not be much longer than 200 pages.
  • Submit your previously unpublished manuscript with a table of contents.
  • Manuscript should be formatted on a Word document or .PDF using a standard font (such as Times New Roman or Calibri) and standard margins. Prose entries should be formatted with 1 and 1/2 or double spacing,
  • All manuscripts will be read anonymously. Please do not include your name on any pages of the manuscript.
  • Include a cover letter with the following information:
    1. title of the manuscript
    2. author name
    3. address
    4. telephone number
    5. email address
    6. social media handles and website address if applicable

*Submissions without this information in the cover letter will not be read.*

Individual poems or essays in a manuscript may have been previously published in magazines, journals, or anthologies, but the work as a whole should be a new, unpublished collection. You may include an acknowledgment page at the end, though this will not affect consideration of your manuscript.

Simultaneous submissions to other publishers are permitted. Please notify Gabriel Cleveland, Managing Editor, promptly if a manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

Before submitting your work to CavanKerry, please explore our website and the work of the authors we have published. (Psst, our YouTube channel has a fantastic series of readings for each of our recent releases!)

CavanKerry Press endorses and abides by the Code of Ethics developed by the Council of Literary Magazines and Press (CLMP).

Submission Period
July 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024

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Gabriel Cleveland
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Director/Managing Editor
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