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Generous Press seeks literary-quality romance novels written by brilliant queer, BIPOC, and disabled authors. We are reading:

1. Completed romance novels (general adult)
2. Completed romance novels (YA)
2. Graphic novels (romance genre)

Generous Press is a brand-new imprint at Row House Publishing. While our focus is romance-genre fiction, Generous is founded by two poets and longtime literary professionals. Publisher Elaina Ellis formerly worked as the Editor at Copper Canyon Press, and Deputy Publisher Amber Flame is the Program Director at Hedgebrook. Our vision is to publish romance fiction that sings at the line-level, the way a good poem does. We want our books to put joy, pleasure, and healing into the world, for the amusement and delight of a vibrant, diverse community of readers.

Submissions must adhere to the basic tenants of the romance genre! The story should center a romantic relationship, and the book should end imagining a happy future for the couple or throuple or whathaveyou. While we love a fierce protagonist who decides they’re better off single, that story is for a different press. By all means, get weird and lyrical with your prose, but please make us swoon while doing so. We want to see some technicolor lovebirds fly off into the soft-skied future together.

If your novel is selected for publication at Generous Press, you will be offered an advance of at least $5,000 towards a 40% profit share. Your work will be copyrighted in your name, with publishing rights granted to Generous Press/Row House Publishing for a limited period. All Generous authors will receive robust editorial and marketing support and national distribution by Simon & Schuster.

Submission Period
August 9, 2023 - October 9, 2023

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