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Lupercalia Press aims to rectify the lack of representation for trans/queer sexuality content in the literary world by inviting for publication the art that may have been deemed unfit for mainstream media presses. We want to hear from, and amplify, the voices of those trans/queer artists who have been tirelessly creating despite the confines of marginalization and racism, who have been told no because of their work’s sexual content or blunt language.

Most importantly, we want to publish and promote the creative work of trans/queer sexuality that celebrates our bodies!

Lupercalia Press, like the celebration we are named for, is not afraid to get raw, vulgar, hedonistic and excessive. We invite all voices that have been systemically oppressed by the ciscentric, heteronormativity of the literary world, and will work toward transgender equity through art.

What are we looking for?

LUPERCALIA press will showcase art and writing by trans and queer creators that focuses on themes of transgender and queer sex/sexuality/excess/celebration. We do not have any strict definition of how trans or queer manifests in your personal identity, nor do we want to be gatekeepers. If you say you are trans or queer, we believe and accept that in you.

We are always looking to highlight the voices of BIPOC communities, and those who have been traditionally marginalized from the literary world.

Our editors invite you to send work that you may be anxious to submit elsewhere. There is no topic that we will not consider for publication. We strongly believe that transgender and queer people should be able to be as excessive as they please in how they choose to share stories about their bodies and experiences. Do not censor yourself for our benefit, because it does not benefit us.

We want the stuff that makes us clutch our pearls.

General guidelines

  • Please include a cover letter and bio up to 100-words in the email body

  • Chapbooks will be between 10-20 pages not including the cover or back cover

    You may send us up to 30 pages of work, but know that the editors will need edit your work to fit within the parameters of the chapbook guidelines. No edits will be published without the author’s approval, though!

  • FOR PROSE– We prefer 12 pt, serif or sans serif font, single or double spaced, .doc or .docx file only

  • FOR POETRY– While we prefer 12 pt, serif or sans serif font, single or double spaced, .doc or .docx files, we will also accept experimental formatting and .pdf files if that is a big part of your project! We won’t say no to cool stuff like that

  • FOR VISUAL ART – Please send us 10-30 high quality images (unless the point of the image is to be low quality!) We prefer the images to be compiled in a single .pdf file, but will accept individual attachments. If you have writing that accompanies your art, please send that in 12 pt, serif or sans serif font, single or double spaced, in a .doc or .docx file only. The editors will work with you to best integrate your writing and your visual art to fit within the chapbook parameters

  • FOR HYBRIDS – Please adhere to all of the above guidelines, we will accept any hybrid of poetry/prose/visual art so long as it sticks within the 10-20 page margins!

    $20.00 honorarium
    Author copies of print books

Submission Period
April 10, 2021 -July 15, 2021

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