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Theme to Use: Summer
Form to use: short story or poem


Welcome to our next edition of the Chapbook series for vol. 14! Following the open-themed volume 13, we’re excited to announce that this volume will be centered around the vibrant and fun theme of Summer.

As the sun blazes in the sky and the days stretch longer, we invite you to dive into the spirit of summer. This is your chance to capture the warmth, the energy, and the experiences that come alive during these sun-drenched months. Whether it’s a nostalgic short story about childhood summers, a heartfelt poem that captures the beauty of a sunset, an adventurous piece of flash fiction or a true story set on a summer road trip, we want to see how summer inspires you.

Let your creativity bask in the light of this season. Paint us a picture of the endless possibilities that summer brings, evoke the emotions tied to long, lazy days, and engage our readers with your vivid and passionate portrayals of summer.

We’re eager to see where your creativity takes you in this sunlit journey. Let your words bring the heat and magic of summer to life.

Submission Period
July 5, 2024 - August 9, 2024

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