The Sublingua Prize for Poetry [1st Book Prize]

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Call For Submissions

In 2024 the Sublingua prize is dedicated to the discovery of an exceptional debut poetry collection written in English by a female-identifying writer of any citizenship residing in the United States who has not yet published or self-published a full-length manuscript in any genre nor a chapbook exceeding 25 pages. The poetry manuscript can be a hybrid, that is, it can intersect with any genre, including speculative prose and visual elements (note: we do not publish photographs and do not print in color); essentially, we are looking for work that celebrates hybridity and resists genre specificity.

Judged by the editors of Inverted Syntaxone winner will be selected with the possibility of runners-up.

Winner receives:

  • Publication with Inverted Syntax Press (using Bookmobile for printing and Itasca Books for distribution).
  • 25 author copies.
  • $500 prize money.
  • 5%-10% standard royalties on net receipts. 
  • Assistance in planning a reading launch with other writers within the winner’s state and elsewhere when possible.
  • Inverted Syntax-hosted online reading launch
  • Weeklong writing retreat to a historic Victorian home located in Leadville, Colorado, with up to four members of your writing community.

NOTE: Inverted Syntax may also offer a runner-up publication of another manuscript in addition to the winner. This runner-up author will receive everything listed above with the exception of the $500 prize.

  • ​All other submission entries are also considered for publication and long-listing. 
    • Any work published beyond the winner and runner-up will receive everything listed above with the exception of the prize money and the writing retreat. 

Contest guidelines:

  • The Sublingua Prize for Poetry (1st Book Award) is open to female-identifying emerging writers of any citizenship residing in the United States who have not yet published or self-published a full-length manuscript in any genre, nor a chapbook exceeding 25 pages. ​
  • We encourage genre-breaking writing–hybrid, speculative, and experimental submissions.
  • Inclusion of other languages/ code-switching/meshing is very much welcome as long as the book is largely written in English.
  • We will accept submissions between June 5 and August 15. The winner will be announced 6 months after the submission window closes. 
  • Please send a manuscript that is between 48-100 pages, not including front matter.
  • The manuscript should be paginated and include a table of contents. 
  • Do not put your name on any page within the manuscript or in the file name.
  • Include an acknowledgements page, for example, list any previously published poems.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions. Notify us immediately if your work is picked up elsewhere. 
  • We accept multiple submissions, but each submission must be accompanied by its own fee.
  • We will not accept changes to your manuscript during our review period. 
  • Anyone affiliated with the editors or reading staff of Inverted Syntax is not eligible. 
  • Any writer residing outside of the USA is not eligible.
  • Submission Fee is $20
  • If the submission costs are a burden, please include an explanation of your situation and why you want to publish with Inverted Syntax, and we will send you a waiver for a reduced fee of $10.

Submission Period
June 5, 2024 - August 15, 2024

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Nawal Nader-French
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