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Raleigh Review is a resourceful nonprofit magazine. We accomplish way more with less because Raleigh Review is a true nonprofit. Our focus is purely on promoting provocative works of experience that convey empathy and understanding among neighbors, whether across the street or across the globe.

Beginning in 2023: Raleigh Review shall offer free access to a recent back e-issue to those who trust us with their work. The issue featured will change every so often, and can be found on this page:

From New Year’s Day to 31 March 2023: We will be open to submissions of Poetry and Short Fiction.

From New Year’s Day to 01 June 2023: Our gates will be open for our 2023 Geri Digiorno Prize to multi-genre submissions of poetry and/or visual art and/or flash nonfiction. Our Digiorno prize is judged by Dorianne Laux & Joseph Millar.

Cheers to you all. . .
and here’s to 2023!

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