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Call For Submission
The Pearl River Quarterly is a quarterly magazine booklet of featured articles, short stories, art, and poetry. Our spring 2021 edition will print March 2021 and we are actively seeking the following submissions. The amount we pay gives us non-exclusive digital rights (to publish your piece one time, on-line, in any format we choose), first print rights (to publish your piece in one magazine issue), and non-exclusive one-time anthology rights (to publish your story, if it is selected, once in an anthology). Please read complete guidelines for submission requirements. If you have questions, please email [email protected] for more information. PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept sexually explicit images or manuscript submissions.
Submission Deadlines
Spring 2021 – 2/28/2021
1. Of The Season (short story 1,500 – 3,000 words) Pay: $100.00 + one copy of magazine
This is a featured article highlighting a seasonal story of interest. Can be on any subject or place as long as it occurs during or is about a specific season. Fiction, non-fiction, humor, fantasy, romance, other worldly, literature, contemporary fiction or any other genre are all acceptable
2. Of Rhyme And Reason (Poetry, less than 100 words) Pay: $25/poem + one copy of magazine
Two page section of multiple poems with photographic images. Poetry on any subject and/or location. Preference given for seasonal poems or poetry speaking to a specific season.
3. Of Beastly Bonds (short story 1,000 – 2,000 words) Pay: $100 + one copy of magazine
Short stories on interactions between animals and humans in any environment that show the unique communication, inter-dependence and careful observance between our two worlds.
4. Of Spirit (short story 1,000 – 2,000 words) Pay: $100 + one copy of magazine
Stories revealing thoughts, personal experience, beliefs and actions done with regard to spiritual nurturing and understanding. National and international indigenous clan, tribal, sect, or religious practices, rites of passage, and traditions are just a few areas of interest.
5. Of Our Elders (memoir, short story 500 – 1,500 words) Pay: $100 + one copy of magazine
Experiences on aging, life events and wisdom from decades past. Any subject as long as it directly involves or is in remembrance of an elderly person. Please Include a photo of author and elderly person the story is about.
6. Of Papooshki (short story – no word limit but we reserve the right to edit) Pay: $25 + one copy of magazine
Children who write (up to age 12) are encouraged to submit stories for this section. Can be on any topic, and in any format. We are interested in finding a place for your work in our quarterly. Children who dictate their stories to adult parents or caregivers to physically write for them if they are too young are also welcome as long as no editing is done. Please include short bio and photo of author.
7. Of The Season (Seasonal Recipe and Short Article 250-500 words) Pay: $75.00+ one copy of magazine
Please submit a minimum of six (6) photos showing chef in action and different stages of preparation and finished dish along with recipe and instructions for making the dish. Can be dessert, main dish, side dish, or any item as long as it is seasonal to spring, summer, fall or winter.
8. Of Spark Photographic Showcase (6-10 color or black and white images) Pay: $50 (plus $50 for Cover)
We showcase the work of photographers in a two page spread of photographic images depicting any location or subject in spring, summer, fall or winter. All images must be seasonal in nature and form a collection of work by an individual photographer. If appropriate, one of the submitted images may be selected for the seasonal cover of the quarterly. Please submit six to ten 300dpi images for each season along with 200-500 word bio, covering your inspiration, and backstory on how you started as a photographer and why these particular photos are important to you. Please include photo of photographer.
9. Of Spark:Artistic Impressions (6-10 color or black and white images of graphic art, fine art, sculpture or any other medium) Pay: $50
Please submit 6-10 images of original paintings, graphic design, sculpture or any other art form depicting any subject or location in spring, summer, fall or winter. The images do not need to all be seasonal in nature, only one of the submitted images must be of the season. Please submit six to ten 300dpi images along with 200-500 word bio, covering your inspiration and backstory on how you started as a painter or graphic designer. Please include photo of artist.
10. Of Pearly Wisdom (Original quotes, phrases or short sentences up to 30 words) Pay: $15 + one copy of magazine
Humorous quotes, bon mots, affirmations, inspiring phrases, or profound sentences on the seasons or life. Must be original and previously unpublished.

Submission Period
February 1, 2021 -March 15, 2021

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