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Call For Submission

The Sextant Review is accepting submissions for our 2022 issue.

We are an annual print and online literary journal that features poetry, prose, fiction, and translation in each issue, and uses an antique letterpress to hand press our print covers.

We are looking for high quality poetry, prose, and translation of any style or genre. Send us writing that surprises and inspires. We aren’t interested in pieces that express hatred or violence towards any group of people. We often choose a theme after reading and beginning the submission selection process, so we never know exactly what we’re looking for until a piece of work strikes us.


The Sextant only accepts previously unpublished work

Simultaneous submissions are absolutely fine, but please inform us promptly if your work is accepted elsewhere.



We are interested in a range of poetry types and subject matter. Submit up to five poems per submission. Pieces may belong to single series, be part of a larger work, or may demonstrate a range of the poet’s interest and style. No more than 10 total pages.


We publish between one and three pieces of prose of any genre per issue, and are interested in everything from flash fiction (1000 words or less) to excerpts from longer works. Up to 5000 words.


Form essays on any subject, thought-provoking and well-crafted. Up to 5000 words.


English translations of poetry, and occasionally prose, from any language. Up to 5 poems or 2500 words of prose.

Compensation is two print copies of the journal with the limited-edition letterpress cover, and we charge no reading fee.


To submit, please read the following instructions carefully. Submissions that do not adhere to the instructions will not be read.


Please familiarize yourself with our style by checking out some of the samples from previous issues, or purchasing an online or print version of a previous issue here:

Submission Period
February 10, 2021 -May 1, 2021

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