On Endings, On Queer Family, On Gaming, and On Prayer: four calls open for submission

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Seventh Wave

Call For Submissions

The Seventh Wave currently has four calls for submission open until July 18. What are the calls and how do folks submit?

  • “On Endings,” curated by editor-in-chief Xu Li. “This anthology invites a dwelling in ending(s). An ending can be a material one, a manner of re-orientation, or a point of private and public departure and transformation that carries itself, despite itself, onward. What are the different gestures an ending can hold? What are its passages, its fugitivities? Its escalations and unmakings? Its endurings?” Read the call in full here, and submit your work here.
  • “On Queer Family,” curated by Isaiah Yonah Back-Gaal. “Queer people have always defined family on our own terms. What are your impossible queer dreams? What does kinship look like beyond the ties enshrined by the State? What is the role of the family in our collective liberation? This is an invitation for models of care that help us imagine beyond the violence of the present.” Read the full call here, and submit your work here.
  • “On Gaming,” curated by dezireé a. brown. “I want to see your clan battles, love stories, respawns, journeys, horrors, dreams, personal vendettas, and moments of rage and quiet reflection. In what ways have video games impacted or changed you? How have they helped you survive our present world and envision new ones?” Read the full call here, and submit your work here.
  • “On Prayer,” curated by Para Vadhahong. “To whom do you pray for nourishment and justice in the face of oppression? What kind of faith do you carve out for yourself? What private, public, communal, mythical, or cultural rituals do you draw your own sense of devotion from? I invite you to send irreverent work that pushes boundaries of prayer, that reclaims godhood for yourselves in the search for day-to-day meaning.” Read the full call here, and submit your work here.

These four open calls are a part of our Community Anthologies program, which gives TSW’s editorial keys to four editors-in-chief to publish a digital anthology of their own choosing on our platform. You about our 2024 editors-in-chief here. You can see our submission guidelines here and submit work via Submittable here. Please note: two of our anthologies — “On Endings” and “On Prayer” — are open to all writers and artists, whereas “On Gaming” is only open to to queer POC writers and artists, and “On Queer Family” is only open to queer, trans, and gender nonconforming writers and artists. If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

Submission Period
June 19, 2024 - July 18, 2024

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Bretty Rawson
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Director of Programs
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