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Dark Moon Lilith is about the dark feminine, which is not about evil, as some would have us believe. The dark feminine is the creativity that inhabits our subconscious, the place where our deepest, most profound knowledge, wisdom, and creative impulses live. It’s the place where our Shadow hides for fear of judgment, marginalization, and rejection. Dark Moon Lilith was initially, and will continue to be, created with special souls in mind. The artistic, imaginative, inventive souls who don’t “fit in.” Because they choose to dance to their own music or because the culture they’re from has pushed them and/or their ideas to the fringe, deemed them “too much” or “not enough.” Those who work and create without the luxury of monetary compensation. Those who are labeled with a “disorder” or some sort of “deficiency.” The wounded. The healers. Those who hear voices, see images, are sensitive to the energies and profound knowledge of the Universe, and who know that there is great wisdom and potential for growth in the darkness. Those who are called to buck the systems in which we live because they keep believing human evolution and change is possible. Dark Moon Lilith was and will continue to be created with the heartfelt belief that one day, there will be a more accepting and loving place—a more evolved and aware place—in which we all may sing our souls’ songs. Dark Moon Lilith is about the unusual. It’s about truthfulness, about lifting veils of illusion disguised as reality. It’s about the darkness, not as an evil force but, rather, as a creative force.

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