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Most poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction by emerging writers first finds its way into print through literary magazines, yet few student writers actively engage with the spectrum of magazines published today. By integrating literary magazines into course curricula and providing opportunities for one-on-one interaction between literary magazine publishers and creative writing students, the Lit Mag Adoption Program promotes a generation of new writers that are also active readers and productive members of the larger literary community.

How it Works

The Lit Mag Adoption program allows writing teachers to include literary magazines in their undergraduate and graduate creative writing courses.

Students, you will receive discounted, one-year subscriptions to literary magazines selected by your teacher.

Classes enrolling six or more subscribers may opt for direct interaction with the magazine publisher/editor through a virtual (or in-person where possible) one-on-one chat session. Teachers, you will receive a complementary subscription for each selected literary magazine to which at least six students have subscribed.

How to Adopt

Professors: If you are located within the US, register your class now (If you are outside the continental US, please contact adoptions@clmp.org). Once you have submitted the online registration, check your email for detailed instructions on how to proceed. Students will  order their discounted subscription(s) using a custom adoption code.

Students: Order your discounted subscription(s) using the custom adoption code provided by your professor.

NOTE: The Lit Mag Adoption registration portal is undergoing maintenance. Please visit us again soon to register your course!

Participating Magazines

Teaching with Periodicals

I’m a professor. How can I most effectively use Lit Mag Adoption in my classroom?

Great question! And the answer is simple: treat the lit mags you select as periodicals, rather than textbooks.  Though some lit mags do look like books, their publishing context is different: they are released at regular intervals, encouraging engagement with the contemporary. Rather than securing particular issues containing specific creative works, literary periodicals draw readers into an exciting, evolving conversation on the arts.

Because Lit Mag Adoption is a discounted subscription service, CLMP and our participating lit mags cannot guarantee exactly when particular issues will arrive. We’re not a textbook distributor. Instead, we offer you and your students something far more valuable: avenues to developing a meaningful, ongoing relationship with contemporary literature.

That said, please do not email CLMP or your selected lit mags with special requests to deliver magazine issues on or by a certain date. Instead, investigate the wealth of media resources below on using lit mags in the classroom. Oh, and if you decide you do prefer to use lit mags as textbooks, no problem. Just head directly to the website of the lit mag(s), and have your students order back issues directly!

Teaching with Literary Magazines

What’s New? Community Building with Literary Magazines
By Kimiko Hahn

Literary Magazines: Gateway to Publishing Now
By David H. Lynn

Literary Magazines in Context: A Historical Perspective
By Carolyn Kuebler

Listen In! How to Bring Lit Mags into the Classroom

Jen Acker (The Common), Martha Cooley, Minna Proctor (The Literary Review), Julian Zabalbeascoa (Ploughshares) and Ted Dodson (CLMP) discuss how to integrate lit mags into course curricula and how providing opportunities for one-on-one interaction between lit mag publishers and creative writers promotes a new generation of active readers and productive members of the literary community. These professors and lit mag editor/publishers discuss their experiences bringing lit mags into the core of their teaching.

Become a Participating Magazine

If you’d like your lit mag to participate in Lit Mag Adoption, please send a message to adoption@clmp.org. We’d love for you to join us!

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