By joining CLMP as a publisher, you not only gain access to a multitude of CLMP services and opportunities, but you also become an active part of a mutually-supportive community of organizations ensuring that our literary landscape remains diverse, vital, and vibrant. What all CLMP publishers have in common is a focus on publishing literature and a commitment to doing so ethically.

Full Membership is for those who have published at least one issue or title prior to applying and publish at least one issue or book title per year on an ongoing basis. Associate Membership is a single-year for those who intend to begin publishing soon. Associate Members may renew as Full Members once publishing has started. One-time annual fee of $50.

Full Membership Dues (based on annual budget)

BudgetAnnual Dues
Under $50,000$125
$50,001 – $350,000$225
$350,001 – $999,999$500
$1,000,000 – $1,999,999$1,000
$2,000,000 and Above$1,800


Membership Benefits

BenefitFull MembershipAssociate Membership
In-person or virtual consultations with CLMP staff, including assistance with funding strategies, marketing and distribution issues, and financial matters.
Annual Check Ups to address challenges and share our birds-eye view of what your fellow publishers are doing to better connect readers & writers and deal with various issues.
Password-protected access our digital Resource Library, featuring monographs, transcripts, tip sheets, and audio and video recordings.
Password-protected access to the Media, Funder, and Consultant databases and other members-only sections of the website.
Waived or reduced fees on workshops, including our annual Literary Writers Conference.
Discounts for printers and other vendors and service providers, plus free participation at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
Full listing in the online CLMP Publisher Directory.
Discounts on and special access to select CLMP Products and Services, including the CLMP Member Submittable Plan.
Invitations to regular networking sessions, both to meet and exchange ideas with other mission-driven literary publishers and to forge relationships with the commercial publishing community and other allies, such as booksellers, translators, librarians, and literary event programmers.
Membership to LitNet
Access to CLMP’s members-only Google Groups.
Access to and reminders of all CLMP Opportunities.
Representation at national conferences and trade shows and participation in CLMP-sponsored indie lit fairs.

Software and Consulting Packages

CLMP offers a diverse selection of literary products and services for small press publishers. CLMP members have access to most services at no additional cost. The following are products and services available to publishers for free or for a nominal cost:

Magazine Circulation Database Template

The Circulation Template, designed to work with Filemaker Pro and used by most CLMP magazine publishers, provides a low-cost alternative to stand-alone database systems for managing submissions. The template helps literary magazines better manage their subscriber records, customer service, marketing campaigns, accounting of earned income, and more.

Submission Manager

Updated as of September 2019, Submission Manager provides an online system for accepting and managing written submissions for a magazine or press. It’s easy to use, flexible enough to work with any submission and reading process, and available for free.


CLMP & Submittable, the submissions management platform, have developed a low-cost, flexible plan available exclusively to members of CLMP. The plan for new customers costs $29/month or $290/year, which is deeply discounted off regular pricing. Available to CLMP members only.

Financial & Accounting Consultancy Packages

Provided in partnership with the Global Lit Fund, this program offers an extremely low-cost solution to managing, conceptualizing, planning and creating effective and appropriate accounting and finance systems for publishers. Available to CLMP members only.


All CLMP members are English-language publishers who:

  • are primarily literary in nature (over half the content of each issue or title consists of fiction, poetry, drama, literary reviews and/or essays);
  • do not charge authors a fee to publish their works;
  • are not primarily self-publishing (at least 50% of titles published are by authors not on staff);
  • do not primarily publish children’s or students’ (undergraduate/high school) work.

Overall editorial, literary, design and production quality will also be considered. Applicants may either be not-for-profit or for-profit, and may be located anywhere in the world, as long as they are “mission-driven to publish literature.” (*Note: Non-US publishers are ineligible for regrant opportunities.)