Resistance & Community

To mark Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Month, PEN America, the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, and the NYC Literary Action Coalition are holding a weeklong Instagram Live series that aims to amplify the connection between Asian American literary culture and Asian American activism.

Event Date
05/24/2021 - 05/28/2021
Event Time
5:00 pm
Event Venue
PEN America's Instagram

APA Heritage Month: Resistance & Community

With an increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans throughout the country, it is imperative to strengthen community ties across disciplines and practices to combat racist violence and institutions. How can Asian American writers combat increased violence against Asian Americans? How can Asian American literature be used to strengthen community ties? What can literary organizations do to support the work of Asian American activism and social movements?

This weeklong Instagram Live series features the following events:

5/24 Asian American Writing as Activism: Asian American writers Wo Chan and Jenn Fang in conversation about how writing and literary practice can support activism efforts in support of Asian American communities.

5/25 Literary Organizations and Asian American Activism: The New Yorker contributor Hua Hsu in conversation with Asian American Writers’ Workshop executive director Jafreen Uddin as they explore the intersections of literature and activism.

5/26 Storytelling and Journalism in South Asian Communities: PEN America’s Instagram stories will be taken over by The Juggernaut founder and CEO Snigdha Sur, who will share posts about the importance of South Asian storytelling and journalism; provide resources; and share some of her favorite books, stories, and writers writing about South Asian issues today.

5/27 Celebrating Asian American Quotidian and Resistance: Jafreen Uddin in conversation with writer and speaker Wajahat Ali about the possibilities of celebrating the complex, varied Asian American experience, from the quotidian (everyday lived experience) to resistance (protest, activism, etc.).

5/28 The Power of Books: How Stories Strengthen Community Bonds for APA Readers and Writers: Guests will discuss questions such as, How does fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and other forms of storytelling shape perceptions of ourselves as Asian Americans? What books, poems, or words deepened our relationship with other Asian Americans and helped us to more clearly define how we see ourselves in the world?