20 Years of Literary Magazines

CLMP is proud to count among our membership more than 730 literary magazines—including publications established as recently as 2023 and as long ago as 1867.

As 2024 begins, we’re excited to celebrate all of our member magazines, both new and long-standing, and to give a particular shout-out to those print publications that have been in operation for twenty years or more. These stalwart journals are a vital part of our literary landscape, supporting writers in their creation of innovative and necessary literature and providing readers with access to transformative stories, poems, essays, and more.

We’re thrilled to partner with Exact Editions, a publishing solutions provider based in London, on a digital showcase celebrating 23 CLMP member magazines with rich histories spanning more than two decades.


Through the end of 2024, readers can browse this fully searchable exhibit on the Exact Editions platform and read sample issues of AGNI, Alaska Quarterly Review, The American Poetry Review, American Short Fiction, CALYX Journal, The Cincinnati Review, Colorado Review, Conjunctions, Fence, Five Points, Hayden’s Ferry Review, MER – Mom Egg Review, Ninth Letter, Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora, One Story, Oxford American, Ploughshares, Poetry Northwest, Prairie Schooner, Sinister Wisdom, Story, Virginia Quarterly Review, and Witness.

We hope that in reading this showcase, you’ll discover new favorite magazines to subscribe to, share, and support.



Founded in 1972
Boston, MA

This sample issue features poetry by Cyrus Cassells, Wayne Koestenbaum, and Diane Seuss; fiction by Ellen Wiese, Jesus De La Torre, and Teju Cole; nonfiction by Eileen Myles and Sven Birkerts; and more.

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Alaska Quarterly Review

Founded in 1980
Anchorage, AK

This sample issue features poetry by Alison Hawthorne Deming, Amanda Auchter, and Meryl Natchez; fiction by ire’ne lara silva, Kate Blakinger, and Alicia Oltuski; nonfiction by May-lee Chai and DC Lambert; and more.

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The American Poetry Review

Founded in 1972
Philadelphia, PA

This sample issue features poetry by Paisley Rekdal, Rosalie Moffett, Dana Levin, Jane Huffman, Dorothea Lasky, Matt Donovan, and more.

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American Short Fiction

Founded in 1991
Austin, TX

This sample issue features fiction by Rickey Fayne, Selena Anderson, Jonathan Escoffery, Desiree C. Bailey, and more.

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CALYX: A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

Founded in 1976
Corvallis, OR

This sample issue features poetry by Eileen Pettycrew, Doris Lynch, and Janlori Goldman; fiction by Mary McAlister Randlett and Lauren Alonso Miller; nonfiction by Teresa H. Janssen and Gina Isabel Rodriguez; and more.

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The Cincinnati Review

Cincinnati, OH
Founded in 2003

This sample issue features poetry by John Wall Barger, Anthony Borruso, and Patrick Dundon; fiction by Alex Boeden and Brock Clarke; nonfiction by Kim McLarin, Latanya McQueen, and Sarah Fawn Montgomery; and more.

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Colorado Review

Fort Collins, CO
Founded in 1956

This sample issue features poetry by Sarah María Medina, Jean Theron, and Emma De Lisle; fiction by Joanna Pearson and Brendan McKennedy; nonfiction by Jonathan Gleason, Emily Winakur, and Erica Goss; and more.

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Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Founded in 1981

This sample issue features poetry by Colin Channer, Cindy Juyoung Ok, and Elizabeth Robinson; fiction by Julia Elliott and Joyce Carol Oates; nonfiction by Kristin Posehn and Leila Philip; and more.

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Queens, NY
Founded in 1998

This sample issue features poetry by E. Briskin, Jun Tsuji, Jesi Bender, and Jennifer Kronovet; fiction by Francesca Preston, Jen Frantz, and Rebecca Lilly; and more.

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Five Points

Atlanta, GA
Founded in 1996

This sample issue features poetry by Carmen Iriondo, Jenny Hykes Jiang, and Virginia Bell; fiction by Lee Upton and Chika Onyenezi; nonfiction by Lauren K. Watel; and more.

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Hayden’s Ferry Review

Tempe, AZ
Founded in 1986

This sample issue features poetry by Phuong T. Vuong, Joan Kwon Glass, and Kiyoko Reidy; fiction by Thaai Walker and Emily Giangiulio; nonfiction by Amanda E. Scott, Jaime Grechika, and Summer C. J. Wrobel; and more.

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Mom Egg Review

Bardonia, NY
Founded in 2002

This sample issue features poetry by Carolina Hospital, Leah Sandals, and Melissa Studdard; fiction by Deedle Rodriguez-Tomlinson and Rosaleen Bertolino; nonfiction by Ashley Mae Hoiland and Kelly Thompson; and more.

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Ninth Letter

Urbana, IL
Founded in 2003

This sample issue features poetry by Carolyn Hembree, Katie Berta, and Chelsea Dingman; fiction by Stephanie Mullings and Rebecca Bernard; nonfiction by Louise Ling Edwards; and more.

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Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora

Normal, IL
Founded in 1975

This sample issue features poetry by Maria Hamilton Abegunde, Gabrielle Aboki, and Ifeoluwa Ayandele; fiction and hybrid work by Akhim Alexis, Edidiong Mark Edem, and Alexis Pauline Gumns; drama by Brandy Victoria Durham; and more.

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One Story

Brooklyn, NY
Founded in 2001

This sample issue features the short story “The Arrow” by Gina Chung.

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Oxford American

Little Rock, AR
Founded in 1992

This sample issue features poetry by Don Flemons; nonfiction by Ed Pavlić, Clarissa Fragoso Pinheiro, Gaby Wilson, Benjamin Hedin, and Lauren Du Graf; and more.

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Boston, MA
Founded in 1971

This sample issue features fiction by Parul Kapur, John Keeble, Diane Hinton Perry, and Jim Shephard; nonfiction by Anthony David and Wiam El-Tamami; and more.

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Poetry Northwest

Everett, WA
Founded in 1959

This sample issue features poetry by Heather Christie, Ru Freeman, Mónica Gomery, Christian Gullette, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, K. Iver, and more.

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Prairie Schooner

Lincoln, NE
Founded in 1926

This sample issue features poetry by Patricia Spears Jones, Harryette Mullen, Alicia Ostriker, and Martín Espada; fiction by Asa Elko and Maxine Rosaler; nonfiction by Myronn Hardy; and more.

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Sinister Wisdom

Dover, FL
Founded in 1976

This sample issue, titled We Teach Sex (to Everyone!), features poetry by Haley Glickman, Kimberly Dark, Mel Connelly, and Becca Miller; nonfiction by Aila Alvina Boyd and Bex MacFife; and more.

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Columbus, OH
Founded in 1931

This sample issue features fiction by Becky Hagenston, Jake Zucker, Katherine Hill, Anthony M. Abboreno, Laura Venita Green, and more.

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Virginia Quarterly Review

Charlottesville, VA
Founded in 1925

This sample issue features poetry by Carol Moldaw, Mary Jo Bang, and Shara Lessley; fiction by Ximena Blanco and Fredrick Kunkle; nonfiction by Alessandra Colaianni and Roger Reeves; and more.

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Las Vegas, NV
Founded in 1987

This sample issue features poetry by David Moolten, Kelly Gray, and Jeff Whitney; fiction by Colleen Mayo and Vida James; nonfiction by Jessica Walker and Rosa Boshier González; and more.

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