April 2023 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in April 2023.


After Dinner Conversation | April 2023

Featuring fiction by Edward Daschle, Erik Fatemi, Shannon Frost Greenstein, C.S. Griffel, and Daniel James Peterson.





AGNI | Issue 97

Featuring fiction by Garielle Lutz, Via Bleidner, and Anna Badkhen; nonfiction by Kai Maristed and Ishion Hutchinson; poetry by Kwame Dawes, Nicole W. Lee, Danez Smith, and Tyler Mills; and art by Salman Toor.





Allium, A Journal of Poetry & Prose | Spring 2023

Featuring fiction by Greg Golley and Tyler Odeneal, nonfiction by Bakul Banerjee and Carolina Ayala, and poetry by Jacob Saenz and Sarah Peecher.






Alta Journal | Issue 23: Epic Tales of Survival

Featuring fiction by Rachel Howzell Hall, poetry by Matthew Zapruder, and nonfiction by David Wolman, Geoffrey Gray, and Denise Hamilton.





ANMLY | Issue 36

Featuring fiction by Sonya Vatomsky and poetry by I. S. Jones, Rochelle Hurt, Travis Chi Wing Lau, and Rita Mookerjee.




Apple Valley Review | Volume 18, Issue 1

Featuring fiction by Nico Montoya and Marianna Vitale, translation by Laura Venita Green, nonfiction by Amy Ash, and poetry by Ashish Kumar Singh.





Bellevue Literary Review | Issue 44

Featuring fiction by Lara Palmqvist, nonfiction by Jehanne Dubrow, and poetry by Caroline Harper New.





Burningword Literary Journal | Issue 106

Featuring nonfiction by Richard Holinger and poetry by Joan M. White, Victoria Melekian, and John Robert Harvey.





Chestnut Review | Volume 4, Issue 4

Featuring prose by Dacia Price and Armaan Kapur, and poetry by Noor Hindi and Laura Villareal.





The Closed Eye Open | Issue 9

Featuring poetry by John Tessitore, fiction by Linda Briskin, and art by Robin Young.






Coneflower Cafe | Spring 2023

Featuring fiction by Henry Alley, Mark Lindensmith, and Judith Beth Cohen; poetry by Marge Piercy, Madeline Wise, Brian Daldorph, and Charlene Stegman Moskal; and art by Karen Colstrom and Carl Scharwath.




Decolonial Passage | April 2023

Featuring poetry by Kathleen Hellen.




Good River Review | Issue 5

Featuring fiction by Demisty D. Bellinger, nonfiction by Kris Bigalk, and poetry by Mitchell L. H. Douglas and Iris A. Law.




Gulf Coast Journal | Volume 35, Issue 2

Featuring fiction by Jai Chakrabarti, nonfiction by Gabrielle Civil, and poetry by Jo Blair Cipriano.





Hanging Loose Magazine | Issue 113

Featuring poetry by Harley Elliot, Trapeta B. Mayson, Quincy Scott Jones, and Moira Walsh.





Humana Obscura | Spring/Summer 2023

Featuring prose by Ali Saperstein, John Gifford, and Rebecca Williams, and poetry by C.X. Turner, petro c.k., William Ross, and Shane Coppage.





Islandia Journal | Issue 7

Featuring nonfiction by Monica Uszerowicz and Jake Katel, and poetry by Campbell McGrath and Sarina Schwartz.





The Keepthings | April 2023

Featuring micro-memoir by Tanya Ward Goodman, Kelly K. Ferguson, and Vicki Mayk.





The Kenyon Review | Spring 2023

Featuring fiction by M. W. Brooke, nonfiction by A. J. Bermudez, and poetry by Kwame Dawes and K. Iver.





L’Esprit Literary Review | Issue 2

Featuring fiction by Michael Nath.





The MacGuffin | Volume 38, Issue 3

Featuring poetry by Barbara Crooker, Judy Brackett Crowe, Abby Caplin, and Sam Ferrante.






Midway Journal | Volume 17, Issue 2

Featuring fiction by Kim Chinquee, nonfiction by Jacqueline Boyle, and poetry by Marc Vincenz and Anne Pedone.




Mom Egg Review | Volume 21

Featuring fiction by Darlene Taylor, nonfiction by DW McKinney, and poetry by Joan Kwon Glass and Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach.





Months To Years | Spring 2023

Featuring nonfiction by Blair Hurley, Sarah B. Simpson, and Erica Driggers, and poetry by Scott T. Starbuck, Craig Jackson Schuler, and Carol Louise Munn.





New England Review | Volume 44, Issue 1

Featuring fiction by Annie Barnett and Rebecca van Laer, nonfiction by Kelle Groom and Ivan Solotaroff, poetry by Megan J. Arlett and C. Dale Young, translations of work by Max Sessner and Jaime Huenún Villa, an interview with Suzanne Jackson, and a libretto by Greg Pierce.





New Note Poetry | Spring 2023

Featuring poetry by Steve Gerson, Cal Freeman, Nathanael O’Reilly, and Jess Morgan.





One Story | Issue 300

Featuring the short story “What Next” by Vauhini Vara.






Red Ogre Review | Issue 17

Featuring prose by Jerome Berglund and Noah Berlatsky; poetry by Berin Aptoula, Meredith M. Davidson, and Peter J. Grieco; and art by Guilherme Bergamini and Gerburg Garmann.




Sinister Wisdom | Issue 128: Trans/Feminisms

Featuring writing and artwork “by folks across the gender spectrum, including trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, genderfluid, two-spirit, gender-nonconforming, and intersex, celebrating writers and artists who trouble gender.”





Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices | Spring 2023

Featuring poetry by Enzo Silon Surin.




Southeast Review | Volume 41, Issue 1

Featuring fiction by Becky Mandelbaum, nonfiction by Rachel Paris Wimer, and poetry by Kwame Dawes and Dorothea Lasky.




Superpresent | Volume 3, Issue 2

Featuring poetry and nonfiction by Duncan Forbes and nonfiction by Robert Lunday and Randy Tibbits.