Books Launching in January 2024

Support independent literary publishers by picking a read from the list below, which features new books forthcoming in January 2024 from CLMP members.


Sleeplessness by Paul Hetherington

Pierian Springs Press | January 1, 2024

According to Kristin Sanders, in this poetry collection “two loves traverse a landscape—at once tangible and metaphoric—of insomnia, intimacy, desire, and language.”




Slow Learner by Jan Shoemaker

Wandering Aengus Press | January 1, 2024

According to Jill Christman, this essay collection “is like a walk through the woods with your smartest, funniest, most observant friend—in the excellent company of at least two dogs.”




Solstice: A Winter Anthology (Volume 3)

Devil’s Party Press | January 1, 2024

This anthology edited by Terri Clifton includes writing by Renee Rockland, Alberto Ambard, Jill Wooddell Aller, Kim Hoey, Patricia Esposito, and more.




Music in the Halls: The Heart and Heartbreak of Teaching at a High-Poverty School in Washington DC by Bernard Jankowski

Regal House Publishing | January 2, 2024

Through vignettes, essays, snapshots, portraits, and poems, Music in the Halls “brings to light the visceral and emotional nature of childhood poverty and trauma and how it not only impacts a student’s ability to learn but also how it restricts their ability to live a full life.”




What My Hound Dog Is Scenting Through the Sloughgrass Is a Way of Scenting Me by George Kalamaras

Wolfson Press | January 2, 2024

Kalamaras’s new poetry collection “is an intimate appreciation of hound dogs of all breeds and a Whitmanesque celebration of American life.”




30 Poems in 30 Days: Poetry Prompts Inspired by Trio House Press Poets

Trio House Press | January 5, 2024

Edited by Kris Bigalk, this book collects work by Trio House Press poets alongside prompts “inspired by various literary devices these poets uniquely employ.”




The Unrooted Bloom by Amber Allen-Peirson

Black Lawrence Press | January 5, 2024

Cat Brooks writes of Allen-Peirson’s poetry, “Vulnerability, rage, sorrow jumps off the page as her pen pours out hope, bruising, fear and prayers for the men and children in our lives.”




How Deep Is Your Love

Akashic Books | January 9, 2024

This picture book, based on the Bee Gees’s classic love song and illustrated by J. L. Meyer, “tells the tale of two bunny mermaids who meet on a rock and descend into the water together.”




Coming Clean by Beth Uznis Johnson

Regal House Publishing | January 9, 2024

In this novel “Dawn, a self-employed cleaning lady in upstate New York, agrees to pose in the houses she cleans for her friend Matthew’s provocative photography project.”




Besaydoo by Yalie Saweda Kamara

Milkweed Editions | January 9, 2024

According to Ross Gay, “Besaydoo is a prayer, a prayer for all of us, which Yalie Saweda Kamara reminds us a book sometimes can be.”




Invisible Woman by Katia Lief

Grove Atlantic | January 9, 2024

Invisible Woman is “at once a literary thriller about the lies we tell each other (and ourselves), and a powerful psychological examination of the complexities of friendship, marriage, and motherhood.”




Cold Victory by Karl Marlantes

Grove Atlantic | January 9, 2024

This novel is “layered with fast-paced action, historical detail, and a keen eye for the way totalitarianism and loss of truth and privacy threatens love and friendship.”




Lemuria: A True Story of a Fake Place by Justin McHenry

Feral House | January 9, 2024

In this book McHenry “provides a thoughtful exploration of how pseudo-science hijacked the gentle Victorian-era concept of Lemuria and, in following decades, twisted it into an all-encompassing home for alternative ideas about race, spirituality, science, politics, and the paranormal.”




There Will Never Be Another Night Like This by John Salter

Slant Books | January 9, 2024

In this short fiction collection, Salter’s “insights into the human condition, its dreams and nightmares, are always unflinching but never without compassion.”




How to Be a Good Savage and Other Poems by Mikeas Sánchez

Translated from the Zoque and Spanish by Wendy Call and Shook

Milkweed Editions | January 9, 2024

Sánchez’s poems “fuse cosmology, lineage, feminism, and environmental activism into a singular body of work that stands for the self and the collective in the same instant.”




Maestra by Angelina Sáenz

FlowerSong Press | January 10, 2024

Sáenz’s work “beautifully explores the complexities of classrooms, embracing hope, despair, resilience, and joy.”




The Bones Beneath by Sheila Smith McKoy

Black Lawrence Press | January 12, 2024

The Bones Beneath “captures what it means to be American, Southern, diasporan, what it means to belong and not to belong, and finding many ways home.”




Celia in the Revolution by Elena Fortún

Translated from the Spanish by Michael Ugarte

Swan Isle Press | January 15, 2024

In the final book in Fortún’s Celia series, set during the Spanish Civil War, “Celia, now a madrecita, a little mother to her two younger sisters since the death of their mother, is forced into a life of hardship.”




Finding Duende by Federico García Lorca

Translated from the Spanish by Christopher Maurer

Swan Isle Press | January 15, 2024

This new translation of Lorca’s lecture on duende “provides a path into Lorca’s poetics and the arts of Spain.”




Sun Don’t Shine by Crissa-Jean Chappell

Regal House Publishing | January 16, 2024

In this YA novel, sixteen-year-old Reece “begins to realize that everyone else has secrets too. And the deadliest secret of all is the one her father has kept from her all these years.”




Isn’t She Great: Writers on Women-Led Comedies from 9 to 5 to Booksmart

Read Furiously | January 16, 2024

Edited by Elizabeth Teets, this anthology is “a collection of the most beloved female-centric comedies and the audiences who adore them.”





The Case of Cem by Vera Mutafchieva

Translated from the Bulgarian by Angela Rodel

Sandorf Passage | January 16, 2024

This novel, “presented as a series of depositions by historical figures before a court, tells a straightforward tale: Upon the death of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in 1481, his eldest son Bayezid takes the throne.”




Unbend the River by Devin Murphy

Black Lawrence Press | January 19, 2024

The characters in this collection of linked stories set in Western New York, “all of whom are tied to a modern knife manufacturing plant, illustrate all the ways love and longing shapeshift over the course of a long life.”




Bear Lexicon by Eric Fisher Stone

Clare Songbirds Publishing House | January 19, 2024

Bear Lexicon is Stone’s third collection of poetry.





The Fair Folk by Su Bristow

Europa Editions | January 23, 2024

Bristow’s latest novel is “a fascinating coming-of-age novel about magic and the choices that define future generations.”




Harbor Lights Stories by James Lee Burke

Grove Atlantic | January 23, 2024

The eight stories in this collection “move from the marshlands on the Gulf of Mexico to the sweeping plains of Colorado to prisons, saloons, and trailer parks across the South.”




Snowfire and Home by Alexander Etheridge

Belle Point Press | January 23, 2024

In these poems Etheridge “calls readers’ attention to what remains amidst a landscape fated for desolation even as it moves toward seasons of renewal.”




Raised by Wolves: Fifty Poets on Fifty Poems

Graywolf Press | January 23, 2024

In this “choral arrangement of voices and lineages across decades, languages, styles, and divergences,” fifty Graywolf poets have selected fifty poems by Graywolf poets and offered prose reflections on their selections.




The Singularity by Balsam Karam

Translated from the Spanish by Saskia Vogel

Feminist Press | January 24, 2024

Set in an unnamed city filled with refugees, this novel is “a breathtaking study of grief, migration, and motherhood.”




Dressing the Saints by Aracelis González Asendorf 

Black Lawrence Press | January 26, 2024

According to Cristina Garcia, Dressing the Saints is “a beautiful collection of short stories that captures the losses, family allegiances, and ruptures of Cuban exile.”




Tender Hoof by Nicole Rivas

Thirty West Publishing | January 26, 2024

This debut short fiction collection “merges the brutal with the surreal, blurring the line between safety and danger, sinner and saint.”





The Flying African by Areg Azatyan

Translated from the Armenian by Nazareth Seferian

Frayed Edge Press | January 30, 2024

This novel “follows the journey of an unnamed traveler, a young Armenian writer who spends fifty-four adventurous days in Africa, one day in each of the continent’s countries.”




One Hour of Fervor by Muriel Barbery 

Europa Editions | January 30, 2024

In this novel Barbery “explores the deep love of a father, and what is gained and what is lost when one chooses a ‘family’ of friends over one’s biological family.”




Swanna in Love by Jennifer Belle

Akashic Books | January 30, 2024

Belle’s latest novel is “a kind of inverse Lolita that explores adolescent desire from the girl’s point of view.”




Moon Grammar by Matthew Porto

Slant Books | January 30, 2024

The poems in Porto’s debut collection “range from encounters with ancient biblical and mythological tropes to fresh translations of elegiac Anglo-Saxon verse to sojourns from Texas to Taiwan and Vermont to Venice.”




Necessary Deeds by Mark Wish

Regal House Publishing | January 30, 2024

This novel follows a former literary agent who, after four years in prison for a crime of passion, “receives an early release from Sing Sing to join an FBI undercover investigation of multiple murders in Manhattan.”




People Without Wings by Morgan Christie

Digging Press | January 31, 2024

Winner of the 2022 Digging Press Chapbook Series Award, this collection of three stories “invites you to explore the depths of grief, the heights of transformation, and the beauty of human connection.”