Books Launching in July 2023

Support independent literary publishers by picking a read from the list below, which features new books forthcoming in July 2023 from CLMP members.


Cover of Nothing and Too Much to Talk About by Nancy Patrice Davenport, with white text on a cloudy sky above mountains.Nothing and Too Much to Talk About by Nancy Patrice Davenport

Roadside Press | July 1, 2023

According to Bill Gainer, Davenport “offers a glimpse of what it is to touch the mysteries of a grateful heart.”




Cover of Live in Suspense by David Groff, featuring two toppling columns.Live in Suspense by David Groff

Trio House Press | July 1, 2023

In these poems, Groff “writes about living between beginnings and endings, about always expecting the next mortal thing to happen.”




Cover of The Unreal City by Mike Lala, featuring black text on a white background.The Unreal City by Mike Lala

Tupelo Press | July 1, 2023

In this poetry collection, Lala “struts through our contemporary wasteland—detritus of culture and commerce strewn everywhere, day’s minutiae grown Dionysiac, allusion rapt in a visionary elusiveness.”




Cover of The Fight by Jennifer Manthey, featuring yellow and orange paint strokes with black accents.The Fight by Jennifer Manthey

Trio House Press | July 1, 2023

The Fight “showcases Manthey’s experience with adoption, alongside the actions of Varina Davis, history’s only First Lady of the Confederate States.”




Cover of A Northern Spring by Matt Mauch, featuring an oval of illustrated flowers on a black background.A Northern Spring by Matt Mauch

Trio House Press | July 1, 2023

This collection of prose poems “transcends genre and form to depict splinters of humanity under the duress of plague and political destruction.”




Cover of Roadmap by Monica Prince, featuring a drawn hand on a red painted background.Roadmap by Monica Prince

Santa Fe Writers Project | July 1, 2023

In Roadmap, a “radical twenty-first century choreopoem, Dorian, a young American Black man, is tasked by an ancestral spirit to thwart his inevitable murder.”




Cover of Kaan and Her Sisters by Lana Khalaf Tuffaha, featuring a warm-toned abstract painting of women embracing.Kaan and Her Sisters by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

Trio House Press | July 1, 2023

This poetry collection “illuminates the work of grief and survival, the sordid legacies of official historical record and the liberatory practice of intimate narration.”




Cover of States of Arousan by Sushine O'Donnell, featuring a sepia-toned photograph of tubing and wiring.States of Arousal by Sunshine O’Donnell

Trio House Press | July 2, 2023

In O’Donnell’s poetry collection, “the reader is confronted by the brutality of the modern world while simultaneously comforted by the delicate displays of the human spirit.”




The Truth Is by Vivienne Shalom

Choeofpleirn Press | July 2, 2023

This poetry collection “knows well the complicated relationships children have with their parents, especially the relationship daughters have with their mothers.”




Cover of The Ice Harp by Norman Lock, featuring a sepia-toned image of a skeletal leaf.The Ice Harp by Norman Lock

Bellevue Literary Press | July 4, 2023

The tenth stand-alone book in The American Novels series follows Ralph Waldo Emerson “coming to terms with the loss of memory, the cost of inaction, and the end of life.”




Cover of Dreams Are My Social Life by Rupert Wondolowski, featuring an abstract painting of green, blue, and brown stokes.Dreams Are My Social Life by Rupert Wondolowski

Publishing Genius Press | July 4, 2023

Wondolowski’s poetry collection “bursts with ecstatic language and includes numerous tributes to the characters who populate the Baltimore literary world.”




Cover of Wonder About The by Matthew Cooperman, featuring a blue-toned photograph of spruce trees in a field.Wonder About The by Matthew Cooperman

Middle Creek Publishing & Audio | July 7, 2023

Wonder About The “represents Colorado stitched by threads of the water cycle, specifically the Cache la Poudre River, explored with an intimacy and depth.”




Cover of Pliny and Other Problems by Emily Fernandez, featuring a drawing of a Roman face beside a purple shape on a green background.Pliny and Other Problems by Emily Fernandez

Bamboo Dart Press | July 7, 2023

This poetry chapbook “starts with the problems of ordinary life—a mother’s midlife crisis—and the doings (and undoings) of aging and loss.”




Cover of Café Unfiltered by Jean-Philippe Blondel, featuring a photograph of a café window.Café Unfiltered by Jean-Philippe Blondel

Translated from the French by Alison Anderson

New Vessel Press | July 11, 2023

In this novel spanning twenty-four hours, “a medley of characters retrace the fading patterns of their lives after a long disruption from Covid.”




Cover of Americana by Bill Hemmig, featuring white text over fractured orange and blue graphics that look like flames.Americana by Bill Hemmig

Read Furiously | July 11, 2023

The stories in this collection “eclipse the many different sides of the American experience, from riding on the school bus to the backdrop of Disneyland to the lives we live.”





Cover of Black girl magic & other elixirs by Shantell Hinton Hill, featuring feet in white rollerskates, a cassette tape, a perfume dispenser, and pink flowers.Black girl magic & other elixirs by Shantell Hinton Hill

Yellow Arrow Publishing | July 11, 2023

This poetry collection is about “the embodied experiences of a ’90s Black girl growing up in the American South and how those experiences shaped her becoming a Black woman.”




Cover of Beer-Breath Kisses by Damon McKinney, featuring a photograph of a dispenser filled with boxes that say "Candy."Beer-Breath Kisses by Damon McKinney

Belle Point Press | July 11, 2023

In this collection of flash fiction and nonfiction, “McKinney weaves his own family narratives within fictionalized landscapes of reservation life.”




Cover of One True Scrapper by Kaden Peebles, featuring a pale silhouette of a person on an orange and pink background.One True Scrapper: A Memoir of Childhood Cancer, Good Eyeliner, and a Fighting Spirit by Kaden Peebles

Et Alia Press | July 11, 2023

Peeble’s memoir follows her shift “from competitive cheerleader in pink to teen fighting for survival from a rare bone cancer and leukemia.”




Cover of Men in My Situation by Per Petterson, featuring a photograph of a snow-covered white car at night.Men in My Situation by Per Petterson

Translated from the Norwegian by Ingvild Burkey

Graywolf Press | July 11, 2023

Newly released in paperback, this novel is a “tender, merciless portrait of a life going to pieces.”




Cover of Binded by H Warren, featuring a line drawing of a person with arms in multiple attitudes.Binded by H Warren

Red Hen Press | July 11, 2023

Warren’s debut poetry collection “discloses their reality of living nonbinary in the rural context of Alaska.”




Phantasmal Flowers in The Eden Where OCover of Phantasmal Flowers in The Eden Where Only I Know by Yuu Ikeda, featuring rainbow-colored text below an illustration of multicolored flowers and sun-like shapes.nly I Know by Yuu Ikeda

Black Sunflowers Poetry Press | July 14, 2023

This poetry chapbook “presents a curious, poetic directory of what it is to be a bloom.”





Cover of The Body's Owner Speaks by Leo Smith, featuring an upside-down, seven-legged black creature with a single eye on a blue background.The Body’s Owner Speaks by Leo Smith

Black Sunflowers Poetry Press | July 14, 2023

According to Tiana Clark, Smith’s poetry chapbook “shines with sharp, visceral imagery and illuminating vulnerability.”




Consider the Gravity by Linda Enders

Choeofpleirn Press | July 15, 2023

According to Joseph Zaccardi, in this poetry chapbook, Enders “weaves the elements of the natural and human worlds.”




Cover of Papi Pichón by Dimitri Reyes, featuring embroidered text and an embroidered pigeon on a red, white, and blue background.Papi Pichón by Dimitri Reyes

Get Fresh Books Publishing | July 15, 2023

This debut poetry collection “flies across oceans and recycles itself through tradition, blood, nature, and time—always manifesting itself in new creationism.”




Cover of Head Above Water featuring a black-and-white face, horizontal and looking upward, surrounded by white and orange dots.Head Above Water: Reflections on Illness by Shahd Alshammari

Feminist Press | July 18, 2023

This lyrical hybrid memoir “revisits a lifetime’s worth of personal journals to slowly piece together a narrative of chronic illness—a moving account of survival, memory, loss, and hope.”




Cover of Something I Might Say by Stephanie Austin, featuring a black and white photograph of a woman in a car.Something I Might Say by Stephanie Austin

WTAW Press | July 18, 2023

Austin considers the deaths of her father and grandmother in this memoir and “reminds us that the histories of our loves—the kindnesses and the disappointments too—sit with us in that final room.”




Cover of An Atavic Fear of Hailstorms by João Reis, featuring a black and white hand with a hospital bracelet on a blue background.An Atavic Fear of Hailstorms by João Reis

Long Day Press | July 18, 2023

In this novel following a car crash, “a man obsesses about the decisions that brought him there, including the fate of woman he was driving to see.”





Cover of The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Graphic Literature: Artists and Writers on Creating Graphic Narratives, Poetry Comics, and Literary Collage, featuring several graphic-novel-like panels with illustrated birds.The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Graphic Literature: Artists and Writers on Creating Graphic Narratives, Poetry Comics, and Literary Collage

Rose Metal Press | July 18, 2023

Edited by Kelcey Ervick and Tom Hart, this anthology “gives readers unprecedented insight into the techniques of 28 of today’s most innovative creators of poetry comics, graphic narratives, and image-text hybrids.”




Cover of The Legible Element by Ralph Sneeden, featuring a photograph of a coastline and a gray background.The Legible Element by Ralph Sneeden

EastOver Press | July 18, 2023

In this memoir “with a personal immersion in literature, visual art, film, and music,” Sneeden “establishes a nonfiction hybrid on the border between the academic and the personal.”





Cover of Walking in Awe by Dave Van Manen, featuring a photograph of a man walking alone in a forest.Walking In Awe: Musings of a Nature-Loving Nonprofit Director by Dave Van Manen

Middle Creek Publishing & Audio | July 20, 2023

This is a collection of personal essays by “a non-profit nature education center director who also created award-winning environmental literacy programming, outlining the challenges of balancing life and work in the same fields and forests.”




Cover of What Could Maggie Do? by Thomas Donahue, featuring an illustration of a blonde woman sitting in a bed,What Could Maggie Do? by Thomas Donahue

Clare Songbirds Publishing | July 22, 2023

Illustrated by Michele Ridgeway, What Could Maggie Do? is “a delightful lap book about a day full of small adventures.”