Books Launching in July 2024

Support independent literary publishers by picking a read from the list below, which features new books published in July 2024 from CLMP members.


Cover of Plumstead Pram Pushers, featuring the text on a plaque on a paved ground.Plumstead Pram Pushers by Katie Beswick 

Red Ogre Review | July 1, 2024

This poetry chapbook, set in Southeast London, is “a love poem to desire, pain, and imperfection.”




Cover of Dark Property, featuring an astract distortion of a person's face.Dark Property by Brian Evenson

Black Square Editions | July 1, 2024

According to Ben Ehrenreich, in this novel “McCarthy’s sprawling Western lyricism has been replaced by a tight almost Beckettian absurdism, like Blood Meridian boiled down to an oozy ichorous syrup.”




Cover of Coachella Elegy, featuring vertical text on a blue background.Coachella Elegy by Christian Gullette

Trio House Press | July 1, 2024

This debut poetry collection “explores the queer promised lands and poolside utopias of the American West even as they are threatened by environmental destruction.”




Cover of Dressing the Bear, featuring a white flower with a brown button at its center.Dressing the Bear by Susan L. Leary

Trio House Press | July 1, 2024

Leary’s Dressing the Bear is a collection of poems “composed in the wake of her brother’s passing that explores the themes of love, loss, grief, longing, and addiction.”




Cover of The Bamboo Wife, with a stylized blue pond, leaves, and moon.The Bamboo Wife by Leona Sevick

Trio House Press | July 1, 2024

Sevick’s poetry collection “captures the experiences of an imperfect woman held up against the standard of ‘good’ wife and mother.”




Cover of four fields, with a sepia image of two hands.Four Fields by Dorinda Wegener

Trio House Press | July 1, 2024

Wegener’s Four Fields “weaves family traditions and natural landscapes into a stunning tapestry of loss, trauma, growth, and maturity.”




Cover of RAPilates, featuring a drawing of a person on their back doing a pilates exercise.RAPilates: Body and Mind Conditioning in the Digital Age by Chuck D and Kathy Lopez

Akashic Books | July 2, 2024

In this volume, Chuck D and his Pilates guru, Kathy Lopez, “present the ‘RAPilates’ program of more than thirty mat-based exercises for people of all ages and experiences.”




Cover of Giant Robot Poems, featuring in image of a giant robot walking across a landscape.Giant Robot Poems: On Mecha-Human Science, Culture & War

Middle West Press | July 2, 2024

Edited by Randy Brown, this anthology “collects 92 poems involving concepts, narratives, and cautionary tales of ‘human-electro-mechanical-cyber interaction, connection, and competition.'”




Cover of 1967: How I Got There and Why I Never Left, featuring white text boxes on a black background.1967: How I Got There and Why I Never Left by Robyn Hitchcock

Akashic Books | July 2, 2024

In this memoir exploring the year 1967, Hitchcock “adjusts to the hierarchical, homoerotic world of Winchester, threading a path through teachers with arrested development, some oafish peers, and a sullen old maid.”




Cover of Sexology, featuring several torn paper images on a pale orange background.Sexology by Alex Kovacs

Dalkey Archive Press | July 2, 2024

This novel “follows the strange, wonderful, fluxional world of the Crickholmes, where nonconformism is celebrated, siblings form autonomous republics, and eccentricity reigns supreme.”




Cover of False Idols, featuring a crown on a white background.False Idols: A Reluctant King Novel by K’wan

Akashic Books | July 2, 2024

In this sequel to The Reluctant King, “Maureen King and her son Shadow are forced to vacate their family estate and end up back where it all began for them: the slums of Brooklyn.”




Cover of The Caricaturist, featuring a drawing of man's torso in a suit, with an explosion coming from its neck.The Caricaturist by Norman Lock

Bellevue Literary Press | July 2, 2024

The penultimate book in The American Novels series is “a tragicomic portrait of America struggling to honor its most-cherished ideals at the dawn of the twentieth century.”




Cover of Gorgeous Freak, featuring three circles with flowers on a green background.Gorgeous Freak by Julie Poole

Deep Vellum | July 2, 2024

This poetry collection “follows Poole’s decision to start keeping a poetry journal while commuting by foot around Austin.”




Cover of In This Ravishing World, featuring the planet Earth in faded tones on a black background.In This Ravishing World by Nina Schuyler

Regal House Publishing | July 2, 2024

The short stories in this collection feature “an unforgettable cast of dreamers, escapists, activists, and artists, creating a kaleidoscopic view of the climate crisis.”




Cover of The Bone Whisperers, featuring a skeletal human hand on a blue background.The Bone Whisperers: Two Women Scientists and their Work to Connect Lost Lives in Bosnia-Herzegovina by Taina Tervonen

Translated from the French by Sarah Robertson

Schaffner Press | July 2, 2024

This book is an account of the author’s reporting and involvement with those working “to exhume and identify the victims found in mass graves throughout the war-torn regions of the world, particularly in Bosnia-Herzegovina.”




Cover of A Blind Salmon by Julia Wong Kcomt, featuring a silhouette of a hand, flowers, and a fish on a pink background.A Blind Salmon by Julia Wong Kcomt

Translated from the Spanish by Jennifer Shyue

Deep Vellum | July 2, 2024

In her first full-length collection available in English, Wong Kcomt “traces fanged emotions with sticky precision, exploring mothering, multilinguality, and madness.”




Cover of Best Microfiction 2024, featuring a sketchy illustration of several people sitting, against a yellow background.Best Microfiction 2024

Pelekinesis | July 8, 2024

Edited by Meg Pokrass, Gary Fincke, and Grant Faulkner, this anthology “provides recognition for outstanding literary stories of 400 words or fewer.”





Cover of The Long Run, featuring an architectural-style drawing of a monarch on a throne.The Long Run: A Creative Inquiry by Stacey D’Erasmo

Graywolf Press | July 9, 2024

In this collection of conversations, D’Erasmo “asks eight legendary artists: What has sustained you in the long run?”




Cover of What the Angel Saw, What the Saint Refused, featuring a painting of two boys carrying a blindfolded angel between them on two posts.What the Angel Saw, What the Saint Refused by George Franklin

Sheila-Na-Gig Editions | July 8, 2024

In this narrative poetry chapbook, “the angel doesn’t know the purpose of his presence among humans, but grief draws him to itself repeatedly.”




Cover of So-Lair Storm, featuring the text in red above several red and white lines on a yellow background.So-Lair Storm by Andrés Ajens

Translated from the Spanish by Erín Moure

Black Sun Lit | July 9, 2024

In this bilingual poetry collection, Ajens “combines indigenous writing and languages, the history of Western literature, post-structuralist philosophy and linguistics, manipulating geographical and scriptural boundaries.”




Cover of Love Hurts, featuring a purple splotch on a notebook-page background, with handwriting-style text.Lovehurts by Genalea Barker

Vine Leaves Press | July 9, 2024

In this YA novel, eighteen-year-old Lena “must repair a fractured friendship, embrace the support of unexpected allies, and relearn how to trust herself.”




Cover of Set the Earth on Fire, featuring red and orange text on a black and white background.Set the Earth on Fire: The Great Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902 and the Birth of the Police by David Correia

Haymarket Books | July 9, 2024

This book is “an eye-opening account of the Great Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902, showing how the strike—and the violent backlash that ensued–reveal the genesis of modern policing.”




Cover of Be Broken to Be Whole, with an ink-strokes illustration of something in flight.Be Broken to Be Whole: New & Selected Poems by Tom Crawford

Empty Bowl | July 9, 2024

According to Edward Field, “Crawford’s translucent poetry shimmers with gratitude for life that only someone who has come through deep sorrow can feel, and approaches the uncanny wisdom of the twice-born.”




Cover of blue and blue and blue, featuring blue paintstrokes that look like and blue and blue by Darren C. Demaree

Fernwood Press | July 9, 2024

blue and blue and blue “conveys the overwhelming importance of having (every so often) a complete washing off of your desire for success.”




Cover of Let Gravity Seize the Dead, featuring a rabbit skeleton and leaves entwining the text.Let Gravity Seize the Dead by Darrin Doyle

Regal House Publishing | July 9, 2024

This novella “is an intergenerational literary horror story featuring a blend of suspense, beauty, and terror.”




Cover of the Essential Fundraiser's Handbook, featuring a stylized tree in a circle on a green background.The Fundraiser’s Handbook: A Guide to Maximizing Donations, Retaining Donors, and Saving the Giving Sector for Good by Lisa Greer

Red Hen Press | July 9, 2024

This book “provides a much-needed resource for teams to explore often-overlooked opportunities, common mistakes, the most effective tools, proven solutions, and innovative new techniques for guaranteeing success and advancing their organizations’ missions.”




Cover of A Map of My Want, featuring an illustration of a Black figure in a dress, bent backward as if dancing, on a pink bacground.A Map of My Want by Faylita Hicks

Haymarket Books | July 9, 2024

Hicks’s second poetry collection “follows a nonbinary femme as they explore the sensual intersection of the personal and the political, a crossroads to which their sexual liberation brought them after their escape from a religious cult.”




Cover of I Can Give You Anything But Love by Gary Indiana, featuring cursive neon text on a black background.I Can Give You Anything But Love by Gary Indiana

Seven Stories Press | July 9, 2024

In this memoir, Indiana “has composed a literary, unabashedly wicked, and revealing montage of excursions into his life and work.”




Cover of The Potato Eaters, featuring an image of a potato in a gold frame.The Potato Eaters by Farhad Pirbal

Translated from the Kurdish by Jiyar Homer and Alana Marie Levinson-LaBrosse

Deep Vellum | July 9, 2024

Each of the stories in this collection “underlines ‘otherness,’ or isolation and displacement in contemporary society.”




Cover of Don't Let Me Be Lonely, featuring the title on a billboard above a green field and before a cloudy blue sky.Don’t Let Me Be Lonely: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine

Graywolf Press | July 9, 2024

First published in 2004, Don’t Let Me Be Lonely is “a crucial guide to surviving a fractured and fracturing American consciousness—a book of rare and vital honesty, complexity, and presence.”




Cover of Goodnight Tokyo, featuring an illustration of people standing in front of a building in a city, below paper lanterns.Goodnight Tokyo by Atsuhiro Yoshida

Translated from the Japanese by Haydn Trowell

Europa Editions | July 9, 2024

This novel is “a symphony of interconnected lives that offers a compelling reflection on life in modern-day metropolises at the intersection of isolation and intimacy.”




Cover of Fine in a Minute, featuring a line drawing of a cigarette in an ashtray and swirling smoke.Fine in a Minute by King Daddy

Bamboo Dart Press | July 12, 2024

This poetry collection “highlights King Daddy’s twisted, erotically-charged yet erudite wit and wisdom, which evokes fever dream poignancy and working-class empathy.”




Cover of Past Lives, featuring overlapping pink, blue, and yellow shapes.Past Lives by V. Joshua Adams

JackLeg Press | July 15, 2024

These are poems “of wit, inquiry, and sonic vigor that examine issues of being, textuality, and the imaginative act.”




Cover of Loveland, featuring a pink illustration of a woman in high heels reading in a hammock.Loveland: A Memoir of Romance and Fiction by Susan Ostrov

Blackwater Press | July 15, 2024

Ostrov’s memoir “is about the unfolding of unmet expectations, of shattered childhood dreams, of tenderness found unexpectedly.”




Cover of Instructions for Banno, featuring a gilt arch shape below the text on a white background.Instructions for Banno by Kiran Bath

Kelsey Street Press | July 16, 2024

In her debut poetry collection, Bath “travels through the timelines and geographies of the women in her family to understand the inherited consequences of becoming a South Asian bride (banno).”




Cover f Talking Back to the Exterminator, featuring an illustration of a pigeon with red text.Talking Back to the Exterminator by Daniel Bourne

Regal House Publishing | July 16, 2024

This poetry collection explores “Bourne’s upbringing in southern Illinois to his later homes in Ohio, Poland, or the American Southwest.”




Cover of Out of the Rain, featuring an illustration of a person beside a tent, looking toward a skyline.Out of the Rain by J. Malcolm Garcia

Seven Stories Press | July 16, 2024

This debut novel “takes us into the growing world of the homeless in the United States, particularly in San Francisco.”




Cover of Static, featuring the title on a record label below plastic.Static by Brendan Gillen

Vine Leaves Press | July 16, 2024

Gillen’s novel “is alive to the weight of familial expectations, the pursuit of our deepest hopes and dreams, and the struggle to make meaningful connections in the anxiety of the digital age.”




Cover of A Thousand Thoughts in Flight: Diaries, 1974–1996 by Maria Gabriela Llansol, featuring a block-color illustration of a pink and red flower with green leaves.A Thousand Thoughts in Flight: Diaries, 1974–1996 by Maria Gabriela Llansol

Translated from the Portuguese by Audrey Young

Deep Vellum | July 16, 2024

This book features “a remarkable collection of diary entries from cross-genre Portuguese author Maria Gabriela Llansol, which span dozens of diaries and 33 years.”




Cover of The River of Goodness by David Marquis, featuring a photograph of water with rippling plants.The River of Goodness by David Marquis

Deep Vellum | July 16, 2024

A follow-up to The River Always Wins, this essay collection is “a lyrical, global exploration of the ways we can create a more just and sustainable world for all.”




Cover of 36 Dwellings featuring many white, blue, dark blue, and orange dots.36 Dwellings by Jan M. Padios

Burrow Press | July 16, 2024

A literary-architectural hybrid project, 36 Dwellings “sketches fault lines within a Filipinx family, linking intimate harm to the forces of colonialism and labor migration.”




Cover of Whole, featuring palm trees seen from below, and the text against the sky.Whole by Derek Updegraff

Slant Books | July 16, 2024

According to Bret Lott, this novel is “by turns fable, romance, theology, and plainspoken testimony to life and death and love and heartbreak.”




Cover of The Fault, featuring overlapping blue shapes reminiscent of a landscape.The Fault by Marcela Sulak

Black Lawrence Press | July 19, 2024

According to Sabrina Orah Mark, “The Fault sings to a universe in verse that mournfully and beautifully accounts for its fault lines, its rift, its broken notes.”




Cover of After Dinner Conversation: Government Ethics Edition, featuring an AI-generated image of a white man in a suit laughing and holding money.After Dinner Conversation: Government Ethics

After Dinner Conversation | July 21, 2024

Edited by Kolby Granville, this anthology features short stories “about the philosophy and ethics of government law and regulation.”




Cover of After Dinner Conversation: Research Ethics, featuring an AI-generated image of a glass syringe in front of molecular diagrams.After Dinner Conversation: Research Ethics

After Dinner Conversation | July 21, 2024

Edited by Heather Zeiger, this anthology features short stories “about the philosophy and ethics of research.”




Cover of Beacon Radiant, featuring a circle made of red string on a gray background.Beacon Radiant

great weather for MEDIA | July 22, 2024

Beacon Radiant is an anthology “of poetry and short fiction by established and emerging writers from across the United States and beyond.”




Cover of W(h)ine and Cheese, featuring four red solo cups, one crumpled, on a pink background.W(h)ine and Cheese by S. Atzeni

Read Furiously | July 23, 2024

A “campus novel mostly off-campus,” W(h)ine and Cheese is “a story of friendship, privilege, and bad ideas.”




Cover of Survive, featuring an illustration of a white woman's face with her hair blending into a dark mass at her shoulder.Survive by Frederika Amalia Finkelstein

Translated from the French by Isabel Cout and Christopher Elson

Deep Vellum | July 23, 2024

Finkelstein’s novel ​”is concerned with the work of grieving for strangers—a grief which does not begin or end, but is rather a structural part of one’s being in the world.”




Cover of The Awakening of Latin America, featuring a stylized image of a sunset between mountains over the water.The Awakening of Latin America by Ernesto Che Guevara

Seven Stories Press | July 23, 2024

This classic anthology on Latin America “shows the Argentine-born revolutionary’s cultural depth, rigorous intellect, and intense emotional engagement with a continent and its people.”




Cover of Kings of Coweetsee, featuring a landscape of several overlapping images of trees and a white person's face.Kings of Coweetsee by Dale Neal

Regal House Publishing | July 23, 2024

This novel is “filled with false charges, child brides, and murder ballads about the heartache of wronged women and the revenge they seek.”





Cover of Wrinkled Rebels, featuring the face of an elderly white person with red cheeks and blue eyes.Wrinkled Rebels by Laura Katz Olson

Vine Leaves Press | July 23, 2024

Wrinkled Rebels is “a story of how six people achieve meaningful lives through the struggle for social justice.”




Cover of On Strike Against God, featuring a stylized image of a red and pink flower.On Strike Against God by Joanna Russ

Feminist Press | July 23, 2024

This novel is “a lost feminist masterwork by feminist and speculative fiction icon Joanna Russ about a lesbian’s coming-to-consciousness during the social upheaval of the 1970s.”





Cover of Infodemic, featuring streaked white and gray reminiscent of a rainy landscape.Infodemic by Carol Guess

Black Lawrence Press | July 26, 2024

Guess’s poetry collection “digs through the dark absurdities of our shared trauma–the stunted intimacies of life through masks and Twitter and Zoom–alongside ‘the small messes of the heart.'”




Cover of Ash Keys, featuring a sketchy gray illustration of small animals, including a badger and a rabbit.Ash Keys: New Selected Poems by Michael Longley

Wake Forest University Press | July 27, 2024

The poems in this collection explore “love, violence, the natural world, art, psychodrama, family, the Great War, the Homeric past, and Northern Ireland’s troubled present.”




Cover of Book of Provocations featuring the title over a stylized triangle of orange and black and white striped triangles.Book of Provocations by mónica teresa ortiz

Host Publications | July 27, 2024

These poems “explore catastrophe, illustrating in verse the refusal of the human spirit to submit to systems of oppression, and its undying cry for liberation.”




Cover of Leaving Biddle City, featuring cut pieces of a photograph arranged in stripes on a white background.Leaving Biddle City by Marianne Chan

Sarabande Books | July 30, 2024

This coming-of-age poetry collection “details one Filipina American speaker’s experience of growing up amid a white, Midwestern suburbia mythologized as ‘Biddle City.'”




Cover of In Their Ruin, featuring the title in a text box over a black and white illustration of Adam and Eve.In Their Ruin by Joyce Goldenstern

Black Heron Press | July 30, 2024

This novel “opens in the colorful, parochial Chicago suburb of Cicero, beginning in the late 1940’s when the remnants of the gang once led by Al Capone still existed.”