Books Launching in June 2023

Support independent literary publishers by picking a read from the list below, which features new books forthcoming in June 2023 from CLMP members.



Meta-Verse!: It’s going to be interesting to see how yesterday goes by Joann Renee Boswell

Fernwood Press | June 1, 2023

Illustrated by Joey Hartmann-Dow and Jay Williams, this poetry collection is “a coloring, pick-your-own poem, space-time romp exploring pandemic, parenting, politics, personal, past.”




The Tavern of Lost Souls by Alan Britt

Cervena Barva Press | June 1, 2023

In this collection, Britt’s “everyday world is never lost, even while tethered to high-flying multi-imaged phrases and clauses.”




Recovery by J. L. Conrad

Texas Review Press | June 1, 2023

This poetic sequence “inhabits a dreamscape filled with fragments of conversation, remembered loved ones, and the profound disorientation that accompanies loss.”




The Boy in the Rain by Stephanie Cowell

Regal House Publishing | June 1, 2023

In this novel set in 1903, “Robbie, a shy young art student, meets the twenty-nine-year-old Anton who is running from memories of his brutal childhood and failed marriage.”




Them by Gary Fincke

Cervena Barva Press | June 1, 2023

This chapbook features poems “prompted by films that range from the lowest of the B-Movies of the 50s to A-list horror to Biblical epics.”




It’s This by Laura Foley

Fernwood Press | June 1, 2023

Foley’s poetry collection “contemplates relationships, identity, love, loss, and radical transformation, finding acceptance, joy, and growing peace, as the speaker practices meditation, and falls more deeply in love with her wife.”




Sleep Tight Satellite by Carol Guess 

Tupelo Press | June 1, 2023

According to Randall Brown, in these short stories “Guess builds the most wondrous word-nests, each one holding something precious.”




Guía de campo de iLANDing 

Translated from the English by Alexandra Viteri Arturo and Alejandra Martorell

53rd State Press | June 1, 2023

Guía de campo de iLANDing is a Spanish-language translation of A Field Guide to iLANDing, published in 2017 by 53rd State Press.




Mothernest by Sandy Longley

Passager Books | June 1, 2023

Longley’s debut poetry collection “gives voice to the passion, wisdom and freedom age brings.”




La Banana! by Ginna Pollock

Middle Creek Publishing & Audio | June 1, 2023

This picture book “teaches children (of all ages) a little bit of Spanish vocabulary using common items, cute images and a rhyming text.”




Wind—Mountain—Oak: The Poems of Sappho

Translated from the Greek by Dan Beachy-Quick

Tupelo Press | June 1, 2023

Of his translation of Sappho’s surviving fragments, Beachy-Quick writes, “The hope, far-fetched as it might be, is to give a reader in English some semblance of how an ancient Greek listener might hear these songs.”




Church Ladies by Renee Emerson

Fernwood Press | June 2, 2023

This poetry collection is “an invitation into the lives of women in the church-prophetesses, wives, saints, mothers, martyrs, daughters, and anyone who has been a tender of a family or community.”




Resurrection Song by George Wallace

Roadside Press | June 3, 2023

According to Ellyn Maybe, Wallace’s latest book of poetry is “a deeply moving and powerful collection with an electric vocabulary.”




Fool in a Blue House by Katherine Gaffney

University of Tampa Press | June 5, 2023

In this poetry collection, Gaffney “crafts carefully appointed rooms, both interior and exterior, alongside familial and romantic love, loss and near loss of beloveds, selves, and even neighborhood rabbits.”




The Loneliness in Lydia Erneman’s Life by Rune Christiansen

Translated from the Norwegian by Kari Dickson

Book*hug Press | June 6, 2023

Winner of the Brage Prize, this novel “is a quiet, beautiful exploration of solitude and how we relate to other beings.”




STEWdio: The Naphic Grovel ARTrilogy of Chuck D by Chuck D

Akashic Books | June 6, 2023

In this limited-edition boxed set, Chuck D “brings his personal insights and social critiques to the page in fierce, passionate, and evocative visual art and prose.”




RASA or knowledge of the self by René Daumal

Translated from the French by Louise Landes Levi

Cool Grove Press | June 6, 2023

This is the third edition of RASA, “a ‘cult classic’ edited by Claudio Rugafori, secretary of the Daumal archives.”




The Sound of Rabbits by Janice Deal

Regal House Publishing | June 6, 2023

This novel “tells the story of Ruby, a bright woman with a love of music who thought that leaving the small town where she grew up would ensure her happiness.”




The Say So by Julia Franks

Hub City Press | June 6, 2023

Franks’s new novel is “about two young women contending with unplanned pregnancies in different eras.”




Junk Shop Window: Essays on Myth, Life, and Literature by James J. Patterson

Alan Squire Publishing | June 6, 2023

In these essays, “every experience gleams with insight, and the world is at once more strange and more deeply beautiful than you ever knew.”





The Ghosts of Other Immigrants by Maija Mäkinen

New American Press | June 6, 2023

The characters in Mäkinen’s short stories about migration “are marked by heritage and the pasts that follow them wherever they go.”




Happy Stories, Mostly by Norman Erikson Pasaribu

Translated from the Indonesian by Tiffany Tsao

Feminist Press | June 6, 2023

In this debut short fiction collection, Pasaribu “blends together speculative fiction and dark absurdism, drawing from Batak and Christian cultural elements.”




You Look Like Hell by Schuyler Peck

Game Over Books | June 6, 2023

You Look Like Hell is “an arson-charred, sultry-eyed, bump-in-the-night book of poems that provides room to revel in your villain curiosity.”




Heat Death of the Universe by Leela Raj-Sankar

fifth wheel press | June 6, 2023

Heat Death of the Universe is “a collection about the body and its long, dizzy slide from childhood to adulthood.”




Murmurations by Andrea Rinard

EastOver Press | June 6, 2023

In these short stories, Rinard “introduces an eclectic group of women attempting to claim their own space and to find meaning in the mundanity of relationships, eating, shopping, grieving, searching, and dropping a kid off at college.”




Where I Am by Dana Shem-Ur

Translated from the Hebrew by Yardenne Greenspan

New Vessel Press | June 6, 2023

Where I Am is a novel “about life abroad in a cultural setting not one’s own: Reut is an Israeli translator living in Paris with a French husband and their child.”




Not Anywhere, Just Not by Ken Sparling

Coach House Books | June 6, 2023

According to Brian Evenson, Sparling’s novel “is an ostensibly quiet book that slowly and carefully unnerves and unsettles you—both because of its precise swapping out of reality and because of just how familiar it so often seems.”




The Inner Ear of Don Zientara: A Half Century of Recording in One of America’s Most Innovative Studios, Through the Voices of Musicians by Antonia Tricarico

Akashic Books | June 6, 2023

This book is “photo-filled oral history of the DC-area music studio that brought us some of the most iconic recordings by Bad Brains, Bikini Kill, Fugazi, and so many more.”




Owlish by Dorothy Tse

Translated from the Chinese by Natascha Bruce

Graywolf Press | June 6, 2023

Owlish is “a fantastically eerie debut novel that is also a bold exploration of life under oppressive regimes.”




Soldiers, Hunters, Not Cowboys by Aaron Tucker

Coach House Books | June 6, 2023

In this apocalyptic novel, Tucker “looks at the violence of our contemporary masculinity, and its deep roots in shaping our culture.”





Parade of Streetlights by Itua Uduebo

Read Furiously | June 6, 2023

Uduebo’s novel “is a captivating exploration of the millennial experience,” in which “Kola explores his adopted home of New York City and all aspects of his world with candor and humor.”




A Plucked Zither by Phuong T. Vuong

Red Hen Press | June 6, 2023

Vuong’s poetry collection “explores what happens to language and thus emotions and relationships under conditions of migration, specifically refugee migration from Vietnam, and its aftermath.”




American Queers by Jesse Mavro Diamond

Cervena Barva Press | June 10, 2023

According to Judson Evans, “Diamond’s poetry combines a keen resistance to heteronormative culture with a lyric eroticism that evokes Sappho.”




Maybe There Are Witches by Jude Atwood

Regal House Publishing | June 13, 2023

As the characters in this YA novel “quest through historic cemeteries, backcountry libraries, and high-octane scholastic bowl tournaments, something sinister is lurking, watching, and waiting.”




From the Longing Orchard by Jessica Jopp

Red Hen Press | June 13, 2023

This novel “shows us the ways in which a young woman and those she loves all must contend with a longing of some kind and how they seek from each other, and sometimes find, the needed balm.”




Many Worlds, or The Simulacra

Radix Media | June 13, 2023

Many Worlds, or The Simulacra—edited by Cadwell Turnbull and Josh Eure—is “an anthology of reality-bending stories from a one-of-a-kind collective of authors building a shared multiverse.”




The Impostor by Edgard Telles Ribeiro

Translated from the Portuguese by Kim M. Hastings and Margaret A. Neves

Bellevue Literary Press | June 13, 2023

This collection includes two novellas: “Blue Butterflies of the Amazon” and “The Imposter,” in which a man travels with his wife through Italy and recalls a family legend about an uncle who was swallowed by Mt. Vesuvius.




Bottomlands by Madeline Trosclair-Rotolo

Belle Point Press | June 13, 2023

These poems “manifest the Louisiana Gulf Coast and all its capacity for an environment experienced in full color.”




Beijing Sprawl by Xu Zechen

Translated from the Chinese by Eric Abrahamsen and Jeremy Tiang

Two Lines Press | June 13, 2023

In these connected short stories, “Xu’s characters observe as others like them—workers, students, drifters, and the just plain unlucky—get by the best ways they know how.”




u know how much i hate being alone in social situations// by Stephon Lawrence

Futurepoem | June 14, 2023

According to Diamond Sharp, “This book presents an unvarnished take on intimacy in the contemporary world in all of its disjointed glory.”




Bone Language by Jamaica Baldwin

YesYes Books | June 15, 2023

Baldwin’s debut poetry collection “is a testament to the specific ways women survive the world and its attacks on their bodies.”




Acacia: a book of wonders by Vincent James

Texas Review Press | June 15, 2023

This novel “tells the story of Petra Caldwell, the matriarch of Acacia, a new religious movement located in a densely wooded East Texas thicket.”




South to South: Writing South Asia in the American South

Texas Review Press | June 15, 2023

The short stories and narrative essays in this anthology edited by Khem K. Aryal “compose a mosaic of South Asian lived experiences in the American South.”




Fat Time and Other Stories by Jeffery Renard Allen

Graywolf Press | June 20, 2023

This short story collection “about Black lives in the past, present, and future” combines “speculative history and tender, painful depictions of Black life in urban America.”




The Boxer of Quirinal by John Barr

Red Hen Press | June 20, 2023

In Barr’s poems “the success of the heron hunting, the albatross breeding, the inchworm spinning give proof of life.”




Toward the Corner of Mercy and Peace by Tracey D. Buchanan

Regal House Publishing | June 20, 2023

According to Jayne Moore Waldrop, “A hint of magic and mystery propels this story of a grouchy, lonely woman named Minerva Place as she discovers important lessons about life, death, and forgiveness.”




Kindness Separates Night From Day by Marija Dejanović

Translated from the Croatian by Vesna Maric

Sandorf Passage | June 20, 2023

This poetry collection “is a marvel of refined verse that explores the concept of the eternal stranger: the self.”




Once a City Said: A Louisville Poets Anthology

Sarabande Books | June 20, 2023

Edited by Joy Priest, this poetry anthology “showcases the polyvocal communities of Louisville, Kentucky, a city celebrated for its bourbon, basketball, and horseracing, but long fraught with racial injustice, police corruption, and social unrest.”




Remnants of a Full Moon by Michelle Gonzalez

Bamboo Dart Press | June 20, 2023

Remnants of a Full Moon is “a collection of poems that take you on a journey with a daughter, wife, and mother.”




SHRINES by Sagaree Jain

Game Over Books | June 20, 2023

These poems “are shrines to a mother’s tenderness, to a lover’s leaving words, to every colorful queer who has found themselves in the glowing image of another.”




Maybe This Is What I Deserve by Tucker Leighty-Phillips

Split/Lip Press | June 20, 2023

In this short fiction chapbook, Leighty-Phillips “builds a world filled with wonder and tells a new story of working-class, rural living.”




Mr. Either/Or: All the Rage by Aaron Poochigian

Etruscan Press | June 20, 2023

This novel-in-verse “features ‘you’ the reader as a secret agent in Manhattan in which poetic rhythms cue and accompany action-scenes.”




All These Things by Sharon Bridgforth & Daniel Alexander Jones

53rd State Press | June 21, 2023

Bridgforth and Jones hold “an intimate and searching conversation about the pragmatics of making art and engaging the communities—living and ancestral—from which their work emerges.”




Set Adrift by Sarah Conover

55 Fathoms Publishing | June 27, 2023

This memoir details Conover’s family’s disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle and includes “interviews, magazine articles, and official Coast Guard reports.”




Food Fight by Linda B. Davis

Regal House Publishing | June 27, 2023

According to Shannon Schuren, this children’s book is “for anyone who has ever fought their own battles with both fitting in and being themselves.”




Self-Portrait as Homestead by Jeri Theriault

Deerbrook Editions | June 29, 2023

Theriault’s latest book of poetry is a “rare and powerful collection with inventive forms.”