Books Launching in March 2024

Support independent literary publishers by picking a read from the list below, which features new books forthcoming in March 2024 from CLMP members.


Extremely Expensive Mystical Experiences for Astronauts by Dara Barrois/Dixon

Conduit Books & Ephemera | March 1, 2024

The poems in this collection “honor and pay homage to poetry itself for being available to us when we need it to do what only it can do in the way it does.”




Country Songs for Alice by Emma Binder

Tupelo Press | March 1, 2024

In this poetry chapbook, “a nonbinary, queer narrator passes through the crucible of love, romance, and heartbreak against the backdrop of rural America.”




Stranger by Emily Hunt

The Song Cave | March 1, 2024

In her second poetry collection, Hunt “intimately chronicles the effects of love, labor, and grief on the life and sensibility of an artist.”




Learning to Hold by Jed Myers

Wandering Aengus Press | March 1, 2024

According to Martha Silano, in this poetry collection “we are invited to consider the trauma of war, genocide, and The Holocaust, how ‘What stories aren’t told are lived’ and ‘Memories course the umbilicus.'”




Shake the Atmosphere to Reclaim an Empty Moment by Caroline Reddy

Pierian Springs Press | March 1, 2024

In this debut poetry collection, Reddy “gives us poems about healing and transformation after trauma.”




Journey to Mexico: Revolutionary Messages & the Tarahumara by Antonin Artaud

Translated from the French by Rainer J. Hanshe

Contra Mundum Press | March 4, 2024

Edited by Stuart Kendall, this book chronicles Artaud’s “journey to Mexico that would take him from the streets, cafés, and lecture halls of Mexico City to the remote mountains of the Sierra Tarahumara.”




The Scarecrow of My Former Self by Sarah Stockton

Moonpath Press | March 4, 2024

According to Jeannine Hall Gailey, Stockton “presents a portrait of a life not defined by illness but circumscribed by it; a hybrid life of hospital visits and encounters with crystal healers, coyotes, iguanas.”




The Midnight Mechanic by Andy Brown

Sea Crow Press | March 5, 2024

Set in Victorian London, The Midnight Mechanic “explores a man’s relentless pursuit to better himself, to escape the muck and make amends, while raising pressing environmental issues that are still pertinent today.”




How You Were Born by Kate Cayley

Book*hug Press | March 5, 2024

This tenth-anniversary edition of How You Were Born, featuring three new stories, explores “the importance of connections, even when missed or mislaid, and the possibility of redemption.”




History Is Embarrassing by Karen Chase

CavanKerry Press | March 5, 2024

Chase’s essay collection “weaves together threads from one single life—a girl suffering from polio, a poet, a Jewish woman, a writer, and a painter.”




Bad Mexican, Bad American by Jose Hernandez Diaz

Acre Books | March 5, 2024

In Bad Mexican, Bad American, “the minimalist, working-class aesthetic of a ‘disadvantaged Brown kid’ takes wing in prose poems that recall and celebrate that form’s ties to Surrealism.”




The Adventures of the Flash Gang, Episode Two: Treasonous Tycoon by M. M. Downing and S. J. Waugh

Regal House Publishing | March 5, 2024

In this children’s book, the Flash Gang “goes all out to unravel the mystery” of their disappearing friends.




Bite Your Friends: Stories of the Body Militant by Fernanda Eberstadt

Europa Editions | March 5, 2024

This book is “at once a subversive autobiography of a mercurial woman and a mesmerizing history of the body as a site of resistance to power.”




American Mother by Colum McCann with Diane Foley

Etruscan Press | March 5, 2024

In this book, McCann “channels Diane Foley’s voice as she tells her story, as the mother of American journalist Jim Foley—in search of answers, beyond justice, found through dogged, empathetic, spiritual enquiry.”




So You Wanna Run a Country? by Kevin Holohan

Akashic Books | March 5, 2024

Holohan’s science-fictional novel “is a satirical parable of the perils of authoritarianism, nationalism, and device-dependent group-think.”




Counsel Culture by Kim Hye-jin

Translated from the Korean by Jamie Chang

Restless Books | March 5, 2024

This novel is “the contemplative, superbly-crafted story of a woman scapegoated by sudden tragedy, and the unexpected paths she must wander in search of redemption.”




[…] by Fady Joudah

Milkweed Editions | March 5, 2024

In these poems, Joudah “offers multiple ways of seeing the world through a Palestinian lens—a world filled with ordinary desires, no matter how grand or tragic the details may be—and asks their reader to be changed by them.”




Rosa Luxemburg: The Incendiary Spark by Michael Löwy

Haymarket Books | March 5, 2024

In these essays, “Löwy follows Luxemburg in blending diverse intellectual disciplines—philosophy, history, political science, sociology, anthropology, and economics—to make sense of global realities in her time and our own.”




Joyce Carol Oates: Letters to a Biographer by Joyce Carol Oates

Akashic Books | March 5, 2024

According to Elaine Showalter, “in a stream of intimate correspondence with another writer, we witness the workings of Joyce Carol Oates’s vast mind and great heart.”




Once in the Blue Moon by Virginia Miller Reeves

Deep Vellum | March 5, 2024

“Set in 1940s Oklahoma on a red dirt cotton farm,” Once in the Blue Moon “is grounded in the realities of life near the end of World War II.”





My Heavenly Favorite by Lucas Rijneveld

Translated from the Dutch by Michele Hutchison

Graywolf Press | March 5, 2024

Rijneveld’s novel “tells the story of a veterinarian who visits a farm in the Dutch countryside where he becomes enraptured by his ‘Favorite’—the farmer’s daughter.”




Modern Poetry by Diane Seuss

Graywolf Press | March 5, 2024

Seuss’s latest poetry collection “investigates our time’s deep isolation and divisiveness and asks: What can poetry be now? Do poems still have the capacity to mean?”




The Everywhere Atom: A Journey Through the Carbon Cycle and Climate Change by Christine Shearer

Haymarket Books | March 5, 2024

This children’s book is “a wild ride with the carbon atom through a history of Earth’s climate, from dinosaurs to wooly mammoths to today’s climate crisis.”




Pour One for the Devil: A Gothic Novella by Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr.

Lanternfish Press | March 5, 2024

According to Kimberly Davis Basso, “What should be a simple visit by an academic to a Carolina island historical society becomes a gothic nightmare with a Chicago twist.”




Nest of Matches by Amie Whittemore

Autumn House Press | March 5, 2024

The poems in this collection “bask in the beauty of nature, queerness, and love while exploring how dichotomies form identity.”




Miss MacIntosh, My Darling by Marguerite Young

Dalkey Archive Press | March 5, 2024

Miss MacIntosh, My Darling is “a picaresque, psychological novel—a novel of the road, a journey or voyage of the human spirit in its search for reality in a world of illusion and nightmare.”




Tangled in Vow & Beseech by Jill McCabe Johnson

Moonpath Press| March 8, 2024

According to Craig Santos Perez, in these poems “McCabe Johnson writes intimately about family, nature, and animals, while also protesting the violences of religion, patriarchy, and racism.”




Wrong Is Not My Name: Notes on (Black) Art by Erica N. Cardwell

Feminist Press | March 12, 2024

Cardwell’s book is a “hybrid of personal memoir and criticism, considering the work of Black visual artists as a means to explore loss, legacy, and the reclamation of life through art.”




Circle Back by Adam Clay

Milkweed Editions | March 12, 2024

This collection is “an aching meditation on the cyclical nature of grief and memory’s limited capacity to preserve everything time takes from us.”




Florida Man: Poems, Revisited by Tyler Gillespie

Burrow Press | March 12, 2024

In the second edition of his poetry collection, Gillespie “strips away the accepted myths of his home state and its inhabitants in poems centered on Florida’s history and culture.”




L’Air du Temps (1985) by Diane Josefowicz

Regal House Publishing | March 12, 2024

In this novella set in 1985, “the shooting of Mr. Marfeo disrupts the quiet suburban neighborhood of Maple Bay and prompts thirteen-year-old Zinnia Zompa to reorganize everything she knows about her parents.”




The Last Saturday in America by Ray McManus

Hub City Press | March 12, 2024

In this novel, McManus “draws a portrait of American masculinity in the face of political division, pandemic, and cultural warfare.”




American Inmate: The Album by Justin Rovillos Monson

Haymarket Books | March 12, 2024

Monson’s debut collection “subverts contemporary discourse and representations of incarceration, of hip-hop, and of Asian American culture and literature.”




A Ten Peso Burial for Which Truth I Sign by Gabriel Palacios

Fonograf Editions | March 12, 2024

In this debut poetry collection, Palacios “slipstreams through a hauntological, historicized Southwest, to make sense out of the life inherited.”





The Passenger: Mediterranean

Europa Editions | March 12, 2024

This fully illustrated volume “collects the best new writing, photography, art, and reportage from around the world” and “dives deep into the complex issues and contradictions facing the Mediterranean.”




Flight of the Wild Swan by Melissa Pritchard

Bellevue Literary Press | March 12, 2024

Flight of the Wild Swan “tells the story of Florence Nightingale, a brilliant, trailblazing woman whose humanity has been obscured beneath the iconic weight of legend.”




The Architecture of Modern Empire: Conversations with David Barsamian by Arundhati Roy

Haymarket Books | March 12, 2024

This newly reissued and expanded edition, featuring interviews from 2001 to 2022 and a foreword by Naomi Klein, “explores Roy’s evolving political thought and commitments across the tumultuous twenty-first entry.”




Medium by Johanna Skibsrud

Book*hug Press | March 12, 2024

This poetry collection “interprets the voices of women vilified over time, silenced by famous husbands, forced into sex work, or wrongly accused.”




Letters from Conflict by Lisa Stice

Middle West Press | March 12, 2024

In this collection, “a seasoned North Carolina poet and spouse of a U.S. Marine shares intimate insights and observations on creating history, family, community, and art.”




A Whale Is a Country by Isabel Zapata

Translated from the Spanish by Robin Myers

Fonograf Editions | March 12, 2024

Zapata’s debut English-language poetry collection “explores humanity’s relationship to the natural world through a multitude of poignant angles.”




Your Story Starts Here: Years on the Brink with Generation Z by Jim Zervanos

Vine Leaves Press | March 12, 2024

In this high-school teacher’s journal, “we witness ‘his kids’ grappling with pressing issues like identity politics, gun violence, and political uncertainty.”




The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane

Warbler Press | March 14, 2024

First published in 1895, and featuring an afterword by Amy Kaplan, this novel “chronicles the repercussions of war on the individual and collective psyche.”




Adam in the Garden by AE Hines

Charlotte Center for Literary Arts | March 14, 2024

The poems in this collection “are rich in both eros and pathos as the poet explores queer love and joy that is hard won.”




The Animal Is Chemical by Hadara Bar-Nadav

Four Way Books | March 15, 2024

In these poems, Bar-Nadav “draws on her own experience as a medical editor and her family’s history of Holocaust survival to write into the hybrid legacy of Western medicine: part clinical empiricism, part human fallibility and moral bankruptcy.”




Is There Room for Another Horse on Your Horse Ranch? by Cyrus Cassells

Four Way Books | March 15, 2024

This poetry collection “is the apotheosis of Cassells’s work to elevate the mundane and the bodily to the exalted, his vigorous lyrics a routine ecstasy.”




The Sorrow Apartments by Andrea Cohen

Four Way Books | March 15, 2024

Cohen’s eighth collection “is home to spare and uncanny lyricism—as well as leaping narratives of mystery and loss and wonder.”




Nowhere Was a Lake by Margaret Draft

Four Way Books | March 15, 2024

Draft’s debut poetry collection is “captivated by the simultaneously routine and disruptive nature of violence and desire.”




My Life in Brutalist Architecture by John Gallaher

Four Way Books | March 15, 2024

This poetry collection “confronts the truth of the author’s adoption after a lifetime of concealment and deceptions with lucid candor, startling humor, and implacable grief.”




Pentimento by Joshua Garcia

Black Lawrence Press | March 15, 2024

Garcia’s collection is “a response to a kind of annunciation, the almost supernatural calling of the artist to find words through which the self is free to move.”




Truth Be Told by Linda Susan Jackson

Four Way Books | March 15, 2024

Jackson’s collection “looks at the myriad treasures and complexities of Black womanhood by channeling an eclectic cast whose rich interactions testify to the timeless neglect of girlhood, the bond of long-term friendship and the responsibilities of authorship.”




unalone by Jessica Jacobs

Four Way Books | March 15, 2024

“Structured around the twelve parshiyot (portions) of Genesis,” this poetry collection “parallels immersion in Jewish teachings with the contemporary world.”




Another Land of My Body by Rodney Terich Leonard

Four Way Books | March 15, 2024

These poems “witness aging, champion the resilience of desire, articulate Black Southern identity, memorialize the unequal burdens of the pandemic across racial and socioeconomic strata, and preserve the time capsule of one’s particular memories that will depart with them when they go.”




We Are All Sleeping with Our Sneakers On by Matthew Lippman

Four Way Books | March 15, 2024

The poems in Lippman’s latest collection “embrace mess as an inevitability of authentic living and human interconnection.”




Pinion by Monica Rico

Four Way Books | March 15, 2024

Rico’s poems “compose a personal history and a deconstruction of global capitalism as articulated through an encyclopedia of birds.”




the verdant by Linda Russo

Middle Creek Publishing & Audio | March 15, 2024

This collection is “a beautiful organic invocation and tribute to the other-than-human kin of our world, a bow of respect and gratitude for the richness they bring to the places the poet experiences them.”




Discipline by Debra Spark

Four Way Books | March 15, 2024

Spark’s novel is “inspired by the life and family of Walt Kuhn (the painter responsible for the 1913 Armory Show that introduced Americans to modernism) and the scandal-ridden Elan boarding school that was forced to shut down in 2011.”




How to Abandon Ship by Sasha West

Four Way Books | March 15, 2024

In How to Abandon Ship, West “harnesses poetry as a vessel to ferry the inconceivable, to wreck upon the shores of what we’ve known thus far.”




The Hebrew Teacher: Three Novellas by Maya Arad

Translated from the Hebrew by Jessica Cohen

New Vessel Press | March 19, 2024

In these novellas, all “comedies of manners with an ambitious blend of irony and sensitivity,” Arad “probes the demise of idealism and the generation gap that her heroines must confront.”




Daywork by Jessica Fisher

Milkweed Editions | March 19, 2024

Fisher’s poetry collection “expertly discerns the monumentalizing portrayals of history and its violences, while boldly illuminating other crucial accounts of everyday existence.”




The Tree Doctor by Marie Mutsuki Mockett

Graywolf Press | March 19, 2024

This novel is “full of bodily pleasure, intense observation of nature, and a profound reckoning with the passage of time both within ourselves and in the world we inhabit.”




you by Chantal Neveu

Translated from the French by Erín Moure

Book*hug Press | March 19, 2024

This is “a book-length poem that plunges us more deeply into the notion of the idyll and into the polyhedric structure of love.”




What the Living Do by Susan Wadds

Regal House Publishing | March 19, 2024

According to Alissa York, this is “a fierce and fearless novel about a woman drawn to self-destruction yet desperate to live—and maybe even love.”




Saving Face by Effy Redman

Vine Leaves Press | March 19, 2024

This memoir “honors the grace of a face that stands out in a crowd, defying societal beauty norms.”





Sensitive Creatures by Kirsten Reneau

Belle Point Press | March 19, 2024

These essays are “at once clinical and lyrical reflections on the ways that desire can permeate our lives for better or worse, as well as how it can be channeled into a lifegiving force for women in a world often hostile to their basic needs.”




The Marriage of Anna Maye Potts by Dewitt Henry

Pierian Springs Press | March 21, 2024

This novel “tells the story of a 36-year-old Philadelphia woman whose quiet, working-class life is suddenly shaken by the death of her widowed father and by her younger sister’s takeover of the family home.”




Below the Falls by Ross McMeekin

Thirty West Publishing | March 22, 2024

In these stories, American landscapes are “a vital background for characters faced with conflicts that cannot be easily resolved, illuminating interior worlds filled with contradiction.”





Feather Rousing by Rebecca Meacham

Black Lawrence Press | March 26, 2024

This hybrid of historical fiction and personal memoir “nests in the spaces between caretaking and grief, secret and spectacle, recollection and imagination, global anguish and private joy.”




Oh Witness Dey! by Shani Mootoo

Book*hug Press | March 26, 2024

These poems “transcend the tropes of colonial violence through saints and spices, rebellion and joy, to reimagine tensions and solidarities among various diasporas.”




I ask about what falls away by Jason Magabo Perez

Kaya Press | March 26, 2024

Perez’s second poetry collection is “an extended elegy set in the alleyways and Pacific-bound boulevards of San Diego, California during the current global health crisis.”




Half-Lives by Lynn Schmeidler

Autumn House Press | March 26, 2024

This book of 16 stories is “a humane, absurd, and timely collection of narratives centering on women’s bodies and psyches.”




We, Adults by Peter Stenson

Regal House Publishing | March 26, 2024

In this novel, “when Madison and Elliot’s affair is exposed, the news sends shockwaves that will rock their lives and the lives of those around them.”




Houdini’s Last Handcuffs by Charlie and Cheryl Young

Vine Leaves Press | March 26, 2024

Weaving historical fiction and fantasy, this novel follows children who summon Houdini “via an enigmatic pair of handcuffs from their father’s magic collection.”




FishWife by Alysse McCanna

Black Lawrence Press | March 29, 2024

This poetry collection “interrogates dictionary definitions and the messy function of memory, reclaiming and redefining language to discover the self.”




Ghost Man on Second by Erica Reid

Autumn House Press | March 29, 2024

Reid’s debut collection “traces a daughter’s search for her place in the world after estrangement from her parents.”




The Last Philosopher in Texas: Fictions and Superstitions by Daniel Chacón

Arte Público Press | March 31, 2024

In this short fiction collection, Chacón “weaves a rich tapestry of insightful stories and superstitions that brims with humor and the mystical.”




The Ballad of Gato Guerrero by Manuel Ramos

Arte Público Press | March 31, 2024

Originally published in 1994, this second installment in the Luis Montez Mystery series “takes readers on a wild ride through Denver’s mean streets and deadly encounters with young gangbangers.”