July 2023 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in July 2023.


Cover of After Dinner Conversation with a mug shot of a white, dark-haired man being erased by a white hand holding an eraser.After Dinner Conversation | July 2023

Featuring fiction by Ciaran McCarthy, Allison Padron, Donna Tracy, Rosalind Goldsmith, and Britney Pellouchoud.





Cover of American Short Fiction with a painting of horses in a high desert landscape beneath a cloudy summer sky.American Short Fiction | Volume 26, Issue 78

Featuring fiction by Jeffery Renard Allen, Jamel Brinkley, and Max Ross.






Cover of Commmon Ground Review, Summer 2023, Vol. 3, featuring white text on a sketchy rainbow background.Common Ground Review | Volume 24, Issue 1

Featuring nonfiction by Kate Epstein and poetry by Abby E. Murray, Allison Blevins, and Joshua Davis.





Cover of Contrapuntos X featuring white text and a white outline of the eastern united states with a white dotted line extending from Maine to Florida beside a white bicycle icon.Contrapuntos | X: East

Featuring bilingual poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and book reviews edited by Lucía Orellana and Aimée Mendoza.





Cover of Glacial Hills Review, Summer 2023, featuring a photograph of a windmill on an orange background.Glacial Hills Review | Summer 2023

Featuring essays, poetry, and art by Brian Michael Barbeito, Joe Baumann, Suzanna de Baca, Rozann Kraus, Tree Smith Benedikt, Frederick Wilbur, and more.





Cover of The Hopper, Summer 2023, featuring a landscape of stone cliffs against the sea.The Hopper | Volume 8, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Rhony Bhopla, Rina Garcia Chua, and Aaron El Sabrout; fiction by Anisha Bhaduri and Nina George; nonfiction by Iqbal Hussain and Russell James; and art by Jason R. Montgomery, Rachyl Nyoka, and Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad.




Black-and-white logo of IntrepidTimes.comIntrepid Times | July-August 2023

Featuring travel nonfiction by Jack Woods, Michelle Lawson, and Amy Leah Potter.




Cover of The Islandia Journal, featuring orange text over an image of a mysterious, Bigfoot-like creature obscured by palm trees.Islandia Journal | Issue 8

Featuring essays by Maria Llorens, Charlotte Foreman, Houston Cypress, and Franky Cruz; poetry by Ariel Francisco, Sarina Schwartz, and Travis Cohen; and art by Christina Pettersson, Fola Akinde, and Joshua Aronson.





Image from The Keepthings of a figure of cartoon Alice from Alice in Wonderland speaking with the rabbit.The Keepthings | July 2023

Featuring nonfiction by Chris J. Rice and Nadine Revheim.





Image from The Markaz Review featuring the text "Stories From The Markaz" with an abstract, cubist-like painting of a large figure lifting up a smaller figure in a yellow dress on a blue background.The Markaz Review | Issue 33: STORIES FROM THE MARKAZ

Featuring nonfiction by  Deborah Kapchan, Omid Arabian, and Doreen Metzner, and fiction by Salar Abdoh, Danial Haghighi, Natasha Tynes, and Abdellah Taïa.




Cover of New Note Poetry, Summer 2023, featuring the New Note logo and crayon-like purple sketches on a black background.New Note Poetry | Summer 2023

Featuring poetry by Kaitlen Whitt, T. R. San, Jared Pearce, Molly Walsh, Mark Kessinger, Nathan Whiting, and more.





Cover of new words [issue 1], featuring a photograph of rolled paper on a painted tan, blue, and black background with the subtitle "a trans and gender-expansive journal."new words | Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Dmitra Gideon, Remi Recchia, Carina Stopenski, and Mukut Borpujari.






Cover of Novel Slices, issue six, featuring white text on a painted background of a spruce tree against an orange sky.Novel Slices | Issue 6

Featuring novel excerpts by Dinah Cox, Samantha Facciolo, Darian Bianco, B. J. Atwood-Fukuda, and Gina Margolies.





Beige cover of One Story with black text reading "The General," "Phuong Anh Le."One Story | Issue 303

Featuring the story “The General” by Phuong Anh Le.






Cover of Fire-Rimmed Eden: Selected Poems by Lynn Lonidier with a black and white photograph of Lynn Lonidier typing.Sinister Wisdom | Issue 129: Fire-Rimmed Eden: Selected Poems by Lynn Lonidier

Featuring poetry by Lynn Lonidier.






Cover of Superpresent featuring a photograph of a rainbow art installation (with a blue human hand) hanging from a ceiling.Superpresent | Volume 3, Issue 3

Featuring prose by Duncan Forbes, Dan MacIsaac, and Christopher Dunn; poetry by Daniel Edward Moore, N. Minnick, and Katharina Kiening; and art by Ron Czerwien, G. D. Sol, and Anastasiia Novitskaya.




Cover of The #TWP Quarterly Lit Zine | Issue 9: Summer Edition, featuring images of a checkered picnic blanket, watermelon, bunting, scissors, crayons, and a beachball juxtaposed over a photograph of a lake and silhouettes of dancing children.The #TWP Quarterly Lit Zine | Issue 9: Summer Edition

Featuring fiction by Anshi Purohit and Ari Williams, and poetry by Allison Liu, Avery Danae Williams, and R. J. Suarez.