June 2022 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in June 2022.


128 Lit Digital | June 2022

Featuring poetry by Saddiq Dzukogi and Joseph Lease, artwork by Shaqayeq Ahmadian, and fiction by Liza St. James.




After Dinner Conversation | June 2022

Featuring short fiction by Phillip Scott Mandel, Roger Johns, Mark Jonathan Harris, and Joseph Bodie.





Auxocardia | Shelter

Featuring storytelling from people experiencing homelessness.




The Cenacle | Issue 119

Featuring poetry by Martina Newberry, fiction by Ace Boggess, a travel journal by Nathan D. Horowitz, and more.





The Closed Eye Open | Issue 7

Featuring poetry by John Tessitore and Vincent Casaregola, artwork by Tara Barr and GJ Gillespie, and more.





Decolonial Passage | June 2022

Featuring poetry by Dee Allen, Eaton Jackson, Geoffrey Philp, and Sean Murphy.





The Dillydoun Review | Issue 17

Featuring short and flash fiction by Soidenet Gue, Michael McGuire, and Atom Cheung; poetry and prose poetry by Tobi Alfier, Jeffrey Dreiblatt, and Glenn Armstrong; nonfiction and flash nonfiction by Shannon Barbour, Matthew William Jeng-Zhe Seaton,and Amanda Barnett; and more.




kerning | a space for words | Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Leslie Moore and Jessica de Koninck, fiction by Lisa Jones and Bex Hall, creative nonfiction by Meghan Vigeant and Keara Rossi, and more.





miniskirt magazine | Issue 13

Featuring poetry by Amanda Tumminaro and Chelsea Margaret Bodnar and fiction by Mandira Pattnaik and Julia Ruth Smith.




Mom Egg Review | “Summer/Girl” Literary Folio

Featuring writing by Nicole Callihan, Terri Linton, DW McKinney, Lindsay Adkins, Quinn Rennerfeldt, and more.




Oxford American | Issue 117

Featuring a story by Saeed Jones, an essay from the archive by Elizabeth McCracken, poetry translated by Curtis Bauer, and more.





Red Ogre Review | June 2022

Featuring visual art by Guilherme Bergamini and poetry by Glenn Ingersoll and Nathanael O’Reilly.




Tangled Locks Journal | June 2022 MoonBite

The June MoonBite features a poetic micro-memoir by Joanell Serra.





Voices de la Luna: A quarterly literature and art magazine | Volume 14, Issue 3

Featuring poetry by (Cloud) Claudia Delfina Cardona, an interview with Alexandra van de Kamp, and cover art by Verónica Castillo Salas.





The Westchester Review | Summer 2022

Featuring fiction by Ea Anderson and Will Clattenburg, creative nonfiction by Victoria Buitron, poetry by Carol Alexander and Abdulmueed Balogun, and more.




Yugen Quest Review | June 2022

Featuring interviews with Kalpna Singh Chitnis, Tikuli Dogra, Nishat Haider, Taseer Gujral, and more; and poetry by Amita Paul, Baisali Chatterjee Dutt, Chitra Gopalakrishnan, Debarati Sen, and more.