June 2023 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in June 2023.


Banner image in pink and lavender with contour line drawings of two women's connected faces and the text "1455 Movable Type," "May 2023," "Issue No. 15: State of the Art," and "A Bi-Monthly Publication Created for Storytellers."1455’s Movable Type | Issue 15: State of the Art

Featuring poetry by James Allen Hall, nonfiction by Karen Bender and Jenna Blum, and art by Kirsty Greenwood.




Cover of June 2023 issue of After Dinner Conversation featuring a woman's face overlaid with facial scanning technology.After Dinner Conversation | June 2023

Featuring fiction by Richard Pettigrew, Galen T. Pickett, Caitlin McKoy, Chris Barker, and Margery Topper Weinstein.





Image connected to a short story in Another Chicago Magazine's June 2023 issue. Features textured white circles with holes punched in them, against a blue and white background and overlaid with shadows.Another Chicago Magazine | June 2023

Featuring poetry by George Franklin, fiction by Christine Sneed and Michele Merens, and a review by Jody Hobbs Hesler.




The BeZine cover image for Summer 2023, featuring an abstract image with a red flower on a mottled blue background and the text "Waging Peace," "No War," and "The Time Is Now."The BeZine | Volume 10, Issue 2: Waging Peace

Featuring poetry by Karen Alkalay-Gut, prose by Casey Lawrence, and art by Tina Rimbaldo.




Image of a blackbird holding a red berry juxtaposed against the moon, with white text reading "Blackbird, an online journal of literature and the arts."Blackbird: on online journal of literature and the arts | Volume 21, Issue 3

Featuring poetry by Steve Scafidi and Corey Van Landingham, fiction by Zoë Gadegbeku, and nonfiction by Jesse Lee Kercheval.




Cover image of The Cenacle featuring a pink flower and the text, 28th Anniversary Issue, Number 122, April 2023.The Cenacle | Issue 122

Featuring poetry by Martina Reisz Newberry and Judih Weinstein Haggai, fiction by Timothy Vilgiate, and nonfiction by Nathan D. Horowitz.





Cover image of Volume 1, Issue 2, of Compass Rose East, featuring blocks of green and brown on a white background.Compass Rose Literary Journal | Issue 2: East

Featuring poetry by Chibuike Ukah, Cassandra Moss, and Carl Atiya Swanson, and art by Jude Abu Zaineh, Jodi Hays, and Ariela Robinson.





Banner image of Dark Matter Women Witnessing Issue 16 , "Bodies in (and out of) place," Part I, featuring an abstract face painted with blocky brushstrokes in green and blue.Dark Matter: Women Witnessing | Issue 16

Featuring poetry by Rosabetty Muñoz and Elliott BatTzedek; nonfiction by Leslie Schwartz, Aviva Rahmani, and Karen Malpede; fiction by Patricia Robertson; an interview with Deena Metzger; and translation by Elena Barcia.




Cover of Issue 27 (Summer 2023) of Door Is a Jar, featuring a painting of a white-haired white woman squatting in front of a goose.Door Is a Jar Literary Magazine | Issue 27

Featuring poetry by Elinor Dinkin, S. G. Fromm, Laura Grace Weldon, and Andy Perrin; fiction by Katy Goforth; and nonfiction by Kristin Keyes.





Cover of Exposition Review (Volume VIII), titled Lines, featuring a photographic train yard with illustrated trains.Exposition Review | Volume 8: Lines

Featuring poetry by Paige Ackerson-Kiely, fiction by Lio Min, nonfiction by Angela Miyuki Mackintosh, and an interview with Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin.





Banner image for Full Bleed with text reading "Issue 06: Materials" in white against an image of denim and other blue fabrics bunched and tied with string.Full Bleed | Issue 6: The Materials Issue

Featuring poetry by J. C. Todd and Malachi Black, fiction by Elizabeth Hazen and Vaiva Grainytė, and nonfiction by Pune Dracker and Jet Toomer.




Image from The Keepthings, June 2023, featuring a white toiletries back with the letters "TWA" in red.The Keepthings | June 2023

Featuring nonfiction by Stephanie Austin and Liane Thatcher.





Cover of the Summer 2023 issue of Kenyon Review, featuring vertical text in the upper right corner reading "Women's Health Folio" and "Nature's Nature Guest Edited by David Baker." Featuring cover art by Tawny Chatmon of a Black woman with a child.The Kenyon Review | Volume 45, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Felicia Zamora and Victoria Chang, fiction by Kabi Hartman, and nonfiction by Sophie Strohmeier.





kerning | a space for words | Issue 3

Poetry by Judy Kaber, Leslie Moore, and Clayre Benzadon, and nonfiction by Jessica Wolf and Sue Ann Gleason.





White text reading "MUSE art + literary journal" on a dark red background.MUSE Literary Journal | Volume 37

Featuring poetry by M. A. Dubbs.





Cover of New England Review Volume 44.2, featuring an image of men and women in line at a two-story diving platform.New England Review | Volume 44, Issue 2

Featuring Irish poets in tribute to Eavan Boland, fiction by Joan Leegant and Karin Lin-Greenberg, poetry by Peter Gizzi and Carlie Hoffman, and nonfiction by Ching Ching Tan and Phoebe Stone.





Purple banner image with layers of different shades and a layer of gold texture and text reading "We are live! Third Issue. Nowruzjournal.com."Nowruz Journal | Issue 3

Featuring poetry in translation by Fatemeh Shams, fiction in translation by Nayereh Doosti, nonfiction by Leila Mansouri and Daniel Rafinejad, an interview with Abdi Nazemian, and art by Marjane Saidi.




Cover image of Radar Poetry Issue 36, featuring an illustration of a woman in black and with her head covered riding a red motorcycle beside a dropping tree.Radar Poetry | Issue 36

Featuring poetry by Phoebe Reeves, Lisa Lewis, Luke Eldredge, and Stephen Lackaye.





Cover image of Volume 28, Number 2 (Summer 2023) of Rain Taxi Review featuring drawings of hands and cursive handwriting against an orange and blue painted background.Rain Taxi Review of Books | Volume. 28, Issue 2

Featuring reviews of poetry by Alice Notley and Sandra Simonds, reviews of fiction by Lakiesha Carr and Chelsea Martin, reviews of nonfiction by Ludwig Bemelmans and John Barth, and interviews with Yxta Maya Murray and Rebecca Goodman.




Red Ogre Review | Issue 18

Featuring poetry by Evalyn Lee and Kris Falcon, and prose by Ruby Rorty.




Banner image of The Seventh Wave June 2023 issue, featuring a dried section of leaf with the text "Proximities" in white against an orange rectangle.The Seventh Wave | Issue 16: Proximities

Featuring poetry by Sarah Kaplan Gould and Isaiah Yonah Back-Gaal, fiction by Jules Chung, and nonfiction by Katie Lee Ellison.




Shō Poetry Journal Number 3: Revival Issue. Summer/Fall 2023. Beige background with a bear made up of multicolored shadows against a topographical map.Shō Poetry Journal | Issue 3

Featuring poetry by Sean Thomas Dougherty, Sage Ravenwood, Ally Ang, and Cassandra Whitaker.





Cover image of SmokeLong Quarterly Issue 80, June 2023, featuring an image by Sidney Bernsteing of a person with an orange wig, a black dress, and fishnets smoking a cigarette.SmokeLong Quarterly | Issue 80

Featuring fiction by Jackie Sabbagh, Christian Bodney, Anita Lo, and Lindy Biller.





Image of spruce trees along a rocky lakeshore, overlaid with white text reading "Split Rock Review, Issue 20, Spring 2023, Read."Split Rock Review | Issue 20

Featuring poetry by Daryl Farmer and Heidi Seaborn, nonfiction by Rebecca Lee Clay, comics by Nathan Holic, and art by Harry Bauld.





Cover image of Southern Humanities Review ("published quarterly since 1967"), Volume 56.2, featuring yellow text and an image of lemons and pomegranates in a blue-patterned bowl.Southern Humanities Review | Volume 56, Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Robert Chiwamba, Mary Leauna Christensen, and Jefferson Navicky; fiction by Caroline Schmidt and Tara Isabel Zambrano; and nonfiction by Amanda Gaines and L. I. Henley.





Cover image of Starlite Pulp Review #2, featuring typewriter-like text and an illustration of a woman in a green-and-yellow polkadot dress looking down at her fingernails.Starlite Pulp Review | Issue 2

Featuring pulp fiction by Frank Bill, Nolan Knight, Michael Bracken, and Brian Townsley.





Cover image of Well Read Magazine June 2024 Issue 11, featuring a red block on a blue-and-brown background with quotes and articles from the inside issue in yellow text, most prominently "The Bystanders."WELL READ Magazine | Issue 11

Featuring poetry by Ana Doina and DeLane Phillips; fiction by Micah Ward, Larry F. Sommers, and Richard Stimac; and nonfiction by Rita Welty Bourke.





Banner image of the June 2023 issue of Words Without Border, featuring a brick wall and another wall with a window, in between which are toy-sized houses stacked vertically.Words Without Borders | “I Will Regard These Two People with Amazement”: Dutch Poets on Their Immigrant Parents

Featuring poetry translated by Michele Hutchison from Dutch by Nisrine Mbarki, Alfred Schaffer, and Babeth Fonchie Fotchind.




Cover of The Woven Tale Press Volume 11, Issue 3, featuring a black background and an abstract image of something white and gray folded around a gray and rust-colored post.The Woven Tale Press | Volume 11, Issue 3

Featuring poetry by Adrienne Su and Isabella Cruz, and fiction by Patricia Shultheis.





Banner image from Writers Resist, June 2023, featuring a field of yellow flowers against a cloudy blue sky.Writers Resist | Issue 140

Featuring poetry by Bänoo Zan and Camille Lebel, and fiction by Rachel Rodman and Mandira Pattnaik.




Wallpaper-like pattern of blue and green and white flowers and leaves with "Yugen Quest Review" in white text.Yugen Quest Review | Golden Tenets Edition

Featuring poetry by Amita Paul, Daipayan Nair, and Debarati Sen; fiction by Neera Kashyap; reviews by Smeetha Bhoumik; and more.