March 2023 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in March 2023.


After Dinner Conversation | March 2023

Featuring fiction by Ashley J. J. White, Lee Dawkins, Earl Smith, and Billy Craven.






Anacapa Review | Volume 1, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Jessica Jacobs, Elise Hempel, Tom Laichas, and Emma Trelles.




The BeZine | Volume 10, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Gabor Gyukicsic, Laura Shovan, and Alison Stone, and prose by Corine Beauseigneur and Mbizo Chirasha.




Colorado Review |  Volume 50, Issue 1

Featuring fiction by Joanna Pearson and Deepa Varadarajan; poetry by Rachel Abramowitz, Kazim Ali, Lisa Ampleman, and Ariana Benson; and nonfiction by Erica Goss and Emily Winakur.





Decolonial Passage | March 2023

Featuring poetry by Alex Anfruns and nonfiction by Sarah Elmammeri.




Ecotone | Issue 33: The Ocean Issue 

Featuring fiction by Amber Wheeler Bacon, poetry by Yuko Taniguchi, and nonfiction by DW McKinney.





The Georgia Review | Volume 77, Issue 1

Featuring fiction by David Hayden, poetry by Paisley Rekdal, and nonfiction by Stacey D’Erasmo and Douglas Kearney.





The Hopkins Review | Volume 16, Issue 1

Featuring fiction by Alejandro Varela, poetry by Natalie Shapero and Randall Mann, and nonfiction by Rosanna Warren.





Intrepid Times | March & April 2023

Featuring nonfiction travel writing by Finnuala Brett, Nathan Thomas, Laura Olcelli, and Max Olson.




The Keepthings | March 2023

Featuring micro-memoir by Janice McCrum, Sue Dickman, and Donna Moriarty.





Literary Mama | March/April 2023

Featuring fiction by Noriko Nakada and Barbara Summers, poetry by Laurie Kuntz and Julie Ebin, and nonfiction by Della Cassia.




The Markaz Review | Issue 29: Home

Featuring fiction by Leila Aboulela, MK Harb, and Samir El-Youssef, and nonfiction by Arie Amaya-Akkermans and Priyanka Sacheti.




MER – Mom Egg Review | Online Poetry Folio: “Mothers Respond”

Featuring poetry by Angelique Zobitz, Jenn Givhan, Suzanne Edison, and Rachel Neve-Midbar.




Movable Type | Issue 14

Featuring poetry by Hasib Hourani, nonfiction by Carlyn Montes De Oca and Jeannine Ouellette, and photography by Adrienne Christian.




The Ocotillo Review | Volume 7, Issue 1: The Alternative Family

Featuring fiction by Elizabeth Kirschner, poetry by Scott Lowery, and nonfiction by Katie King.





One Story | Issue 299

Featuring the story “Walking the Dead” by Rita Chang-Eppig.






Orion Magazine | Spring 2023

Featuring fiction by A.L. Snijders, translated by Lydia Davis; poetry by Anne Carson; and nonfiction by Anna Badkhen.




Passager | Issue 74: Ancestral Trauma

Featuring poetry by Nancy Naomi Carlson and Eaton Jackson, essays by Terri Steel and Ellen Hirning Schmidt, and art by Ophelia M. Chambliss and Lenett Partlow-Myrick.




Rain Taxi Review of Books | Volume 28, Issue 1

Featuring reviews of fiction by Zain Khalid and Ascher/Straus, reviews of poetry by Linda LeGarde Grover and Jorie Graham, reviews of nonfiction about Bob Dylan and Joe Brainard, and nonfiction by Richard Kostelanetz.




SmokeLong Quarterly | Issue 79

Featuring nonfiction by Jiaqi Kang and fiction by Thomas Hobohm and Moisés Delgado.





Southern Humanities Review | Volume 56, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Maria Zoccola and Celia Bland, fiction by Elizabeth Gonzalez James, and nonfiction by W. P. Osborn.





Studies in the Fantastic | Issue 14: Tales of the Fantastic

Featuring fiction by Chrissa Wolfe and C.A. Hume and interviews with Paul Tremblay and Daryl Gregory.





Tahoma Literary Review | Issue 24 

Featuring poetry by Jill Kitchen, fiction by Michael Czyzniejewski, and nonfiction by Shannon Huffman Polson.





The Thalweg | Issue 3 

Featuring nonfiction by Claire K. Thompson and poetry by Katie Veteo, Jaye Nasir, Ben Theyerl, and DJ Hills.






We’ll Never Have Paris | Issue 20 

Featuring nonfiction by Omar Bishir, Sheetal Singh, Sahi Padmanabhan, Seth Kaplan, Iris Leona Marie Cross, and Fayrouz Ibrahim.






Yugen Quest Review | March 2023: Flying to the Moon

Featuring three sections curated by Sonali Pattnaik, Somrita Urni Ganguly, and Smeetha Bhoumik.