After Dinner Conversation

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Mission Statement / Editorial Focus
After Dinner Conversation believes humanity is improved by ethics and morals grounded in philosophical truth. Philosophical truth is discovered through intentional reflection and respectful debate. In order to facilitate that process, we have created a growing series of short stories, magazine, and podcast discussions, across genres, as accessible examples of abstract ethical and philosophical ideas intended to draw out deeper discussions with friends, family, and students.

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
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Primary Editor/Contact Person
Kolby Granville
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Submissions Policy
We technically accept all genres, however, we have a fairly narrow focus of what we are looking for. We are looking for short stories that ask interesting ethical or philosophical questions. People read the "we accept all genres," spam us, and drain volunteer reader resources, which is why it is strongly encouraged you visit our website and watch our submission video guidance prior to submitting.
Accepts Unsolicited Submissions
Simultaneous Submissions Accepted
Reading Period
Year round
Reporting Time
- 2 months
Author Payments
cash, subscription
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Year Founded
Amazon, Zinio, Readly, Flipster, Libby
Kolby Granville
How Did You Arrive At Your Current Position?
I am the founder of the publisher and the magazine.
What Is The Staff Structure At Your Magazine/press?
There is the Editor-In-Chief (myself), two acquisition editors, and a small fleet of volunteer readers. Everything else is done with contract staff hired to complete individual tasks.
Do You Have Any Cover Letter Advice?
Read our submission instructions. If you don't include the information requested website info, we delete your submission without reading it. Also, it's helpful if you include the length of your story and to name the file the story name.
How Are Submissions Processed In Your Magazine/press?
Our volunteer readers read and score the stories on two criteria, "writing" and "type of thing we publish." If the story scores high enough it goes on to be read by one of the acquisition editors or the editor-in-chief for determination.
What Do You Look For In A Submission?
Stories that ask interesting ethical or philosophical questions, ideally, written into a compelling story, in the least words possible to accomplish this task.
What Advice Do You Have For First-time Submitters?
Watch the submission video on our submission page and read a copy of the magazine first, we turn down tons of great writing because its, "not the kind of thing we publish."
Do You Have A Favorite Unsolicited Submission Discovery Or Anecdote?
Who Is Your Ideal Reader?
The most important thing is someone who reads the magazine. We aren't just looking for great stories, it has to fit what we publish. It helps if you are a bit of "deep thinker."