ArrowHeart Publishing

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Mission Statement / Editorial Focus
ArrowHeart Publishing is an indie publisher that promotes multiple genres, specifically in our ArrowHeart Volume, which we release every quarter. Our stories are character driven and prioritize a fulfilling journey of character growth. We follow our company's motto: "Write from the heart, aim for the truth."

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Primary Editor/Contact Person
Dylan Ritch
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Head Editor
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fiction, poetry, audio, gr_novel
Submissions Policy
We accept both works of short fiction and poetry. Short Fiction submissions must have a word count between 600 and 6,000. Poems have no minimum but cannot exceed four pages. We charge a reading fee of $5 with a prize of $50 for our 10 winning submissions. Submissions must include the author's name, title, and word count of the piece on the first page.
Accepts Unsolicited Submissions
Simultaneous Submissions Accepted
Reading Period
Reporting Time
11 - 12 months
Author Payments
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Unsolicited Manuscripts Accepted
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Dylan Ritch
Head Editor, CEO
How Did You Arrive At Your Current Position?
I founded this company, thus making my own opportunity to help promote and publish the stories I wish I'd seen in bookstores. I use this company to do the same for others. We are growing and have exciting, forward ideas on what publishing can be.
What Is The Staff Structure At Your Magazine/press?
I serve as creative director and have an executive director who works in our finances. We outsourced every other role at the moment, but we are in the hiring process.
Do You Have Any Cover Letter Advice?
Make sure you have a hook line and are firmly aware of your genre and why you think the book will be appealing. Remember to sell us on the story. That is what our company values most.
How Are Submissions Processed In Your Magazine/press?
Submissions are sent to our acquisitions editor and then sent to me for final approval.
What Do You Look For In A Submission?
We mainly look for quality writing and a designated target audience.
What Advice Do You Have For First-time Submitters?
Proofread and be sure you can hook us on your book in the first paragraph. You want to stand out!