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We are publishers of literature. Unconfined by the limitations of bigger publishing houses to sell that which will net the most profits, Bloomsday gets to be more nimble and take greater risks bringing more diverse voices to more diverse readership. Bloomsday readers want books that change us, reorder our thinking, & make us feel hopeful about what good literature can accomplish in the world. We do not enter the marketplace blindly believing that we can exist on good writing alone, shorn of any interest in its marketability, but believing that the two—good writing and marketability—are symbiotic. Mindfully driven, it is our business to find readers for the writers we champion. In a crowded cultural landscape increasingly governed by rancor and bombast (“full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”), at Bloomsday curiosity is our highest governing principle and our greatest refuge. This principle is made manifest through the following objectives: Give readers something beautiful, curious, life-changing, life affirming. Readers of Bloomsday authors want to be challenged, want to learn, want to read something that challenges their ability to be more empathic, not less, to throw open doors that show them more of their world, not draw the curtains shut; But we also seek to attract more readers, younger readers who may have overlooked good books as a source of change, hope, and engagement with the world by seeking to publish YA fiction, yes, but also YA criticism, letters, poetry, and non-fiction by young writers for young readers. Finally we are on a mission to create community around the books our writers write. Gathering the disparate people of a large metropolitan places like Houston and Boston into quiet reflection, together. Our books add to the cultural conversation, but also create dialogue where there had been none. Where there needs to be more. We publish bold books. We publish books for readers who want to be in cahoots. With books that say, “Ssshhh, settle down. Listen carefully. I have something to say.”

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Kate Martin Williams
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