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Book artist and editor team Marguerite and Camden Richards will create a limited edition (30 handmade, hand-bound copies), illustrated book of poems about birth traditions from around the world to be launched for Codex Foundation's 2022 International Book Fair. Please find Camden Richards Artist Mission & Marguerite Richards Editor Mission below: Camden Richards > As an artist, I focus on telling the stories of people and places that are in danger of being lost or forgotten, with a focus on women, children and the environment. History repeats itself too often: by telling these stories I help others to remember, to learn from the past, and to take action for the sake of our present and future. By committing these stories to the collective memory and empowering others to take action based on their experience of and relation to the stories, I aim to effect positive social change. I am a conservation and preservation artist. I am a conserver and preserver of stories about people and their places; young and old, small and large, quiet and loud, secret and well-known. I am specifically drawn to the artist’s book format as a sculptural medium to convey these stories because it is tangible, experiential, and provides an interactive experience for the viewer. You cannot stand idly by and view my work hanging upon a wall; it requires you to turn pages, open drawers, lift panels, navigate word and image; it can draw you in and repel you; it demands discovery. In other words, my books create a liminal space, where liminal is defined as “of or relating to a sensory threshold, a state of betwixt and between.” During this state of being, one’s sense of identity dissolves to some extent, initiating a period of transition where normal limits to thought, self-understanding, and behavior are relaxed, thus leading to new perspectives. In this sense, the pieces I create are liminal spaces (either physical or psychological) that engage viewers in the betwixt and between space, thus enabling a transformative experience that results in the formation of unique perspectives on what has come before and what may come next. Camden M. Richards Read more about Camden here: Marguerite Richards, Editor > As often as possible, I try to promote cultural awareness by supporting the voices of those heard less often than me, specifically through literature. From one culture to the next (be that ethnic, racial, gender or LGBTQ+ culture) I believe that there is more that ties us together than tears us apart. I feel it is the responsibility of writers and editors to bring that narrative to the forefront. On the whole, the media is perpetuating the story of our conflicts, instead of telling the stories of our beauty, diversity, and shared humanity. I believe the stories we tell about our world through the media influences the reality of our world, which writers and editors again report, and the cycle continues that way. As a white, cis-gendered, heterosexual person, I know I am privileged to feel this way. I recognize that my ideal has never been threatened due to racial or social profiling, and I’ve never been the target of racist aggressions, large or small. I have lived quite freely and have been heard quite readily in my life, thanks to this privilege. I still have so much to learn about allyship and much questioning to do about my own biases. Racism and xenophobia are complex systems, and I am learning more and more how it differs from one country to the next. I am only beginning to understand the consequences of white supremacy over the generations, in my home country and the world at large. With this belief motivating me in a time when people with Muslim backgrounds are experiencing startling prejudices on many levels, I curated a collection of diverse stories by authors from many Muslim worlds, entitled The Ordinary Chaos of Being Human. Please find more about Marguerite Richards here:

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Camden Richards presents annually at Codex Foundation.
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Marguerite K Richards, based in Sri Lanka.
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This edition will comprise 30 copies, illustrated, hand-made and hand-printed by the artist. The proceeds of 10 copies will go to an organization supporting the health and safety of BIPOC mothers during childbirth. Our goal is to publish nine (9) poems to demonstrate the fabric and texture of global and native cultural heritage woven into the birth practice in the United States today. We hope to cover the world: Africa and the Magreb, Oceania, Middle East, Europe and the Levant, the Americas, East Asia, South Asia. Specifications - Poem word count - 200 words - Style & Content - First person, intimate, visceral experience of pregnancy, birth or newborn months, which ideally include one or several elements integral to the cultural heritage of the writer. - Ideal Contributor - There is no restriction on gender, religion, race, immigration/visa status, ethnicity or bi-racial nature of the writer. However, preference will be given to exceptional writing by native American poets, immigrant poets living in the US or children of immigrants living in the US. Why? Our goal is for the writing to have the strongest ties with each heritage culture as possible, and portray an intimate relationship to that culture in an authentic way. At the same time it is our goal to demonstrate the wealth of diverse traditions born in and brought to the United States. - Book format - This will be published as an artist’s book, which is a work of art in book form. The book will include custom illustrations and will be letterpress printed and hand-bound; specific design of the book will be driven by the nature of the selected poems. Examples of the artist’s previous work can be found at Distribution The book will be released at the Codex Foundation's 2022 International Book Fair. The Codex Foundation exists to preserve and promote the contemporary hand-made book as a work of art in the broadest possible context. The intention is for the book to become a part of the permanent holdings at museum collections, public and private university libraries, public library collections, and private book arts collectors. A list of where the artist’s previous work is held can be found at Writer compensation & copyright agreement This book will be a work of art, and the first edition will comprise 30 copies, illustrated, hand-made and hand-printed by the artist. One (1) copy made by the artist will be given as compensation to each poet whose writing was chosen for the book. Each writer will maintain the copyright of his or her individual poem, and the editor/artist will maintain the copyright for the works within the book as a whole. Only the writer will have the right to re-publish his or her poem elsewhere outside of the context of this book. Proceeds to support BIPOC maternal health The proceeds of 10 of the 30 total copies will go to an organization supporting the health and safety of BIPOC mothers during childbirth. Copyright beyond the artist book If the book is well received, there is a possibility of developing the title into a longer, trade format book, likely to include more poetry and art, in which case the copyright agreement with the poets, artist and editor would be revisited in a new agreement. To Apply 1. Please submit your max 200-word poem here by X-date deadline. 2. Please include the name or description of your heritage culture, which you are writing about. 3. Please specify your genealogical connection to that culture (e.g. born in Japan or mother/father was born and raised in Japan).
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