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The mission of Loaded Die Review is to create a space for writers and artists to share art that takes a non-hierarchical and transdisciplinary approach to social research and critique of systems. So much research on the U.S. health care system exists, and yet we continue to fail to enact changes that make a manifest difference to regular people. The Loaded Die Review posits that there is an underlying emotional residue related to living and surviving in these systems that is largely unexplored—and if it is explored, it is unarticulated. Poetry and art are the chosen methods of articulation of for Loaded Die Review.

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Sophia Leenay
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Emotions are a valid form of data. Poetry is a form of art that is frequently centered around exploring emotions, the self/body, and society. Poetry is also a form of writing more often lends itself to an interdisciplinary approach. Poetry and art are data, valid social critique, and a way to share your experience in a way that honors a deep, intuitive knowledge that we believe are worth exploring. We are seeking poetry, flash fiction, black and white visual art, & open-ended experimental writing that is focused on the experience of living in and navigating the U.S. health care system. It can feature illness, disease or the body, but it should contain elements that address systems, society, culture, or economics (no matter how small the reference). More simply put, if you’ve felt fucked by the system when it comes to health care, let us know. When in doubt, just submit it. This is an experimental undertaking. For flash fiction and experimental writing, up to 1000 words per submission For poetry, up to 5 pages of poems For art, up to 3 pages of black and white visual art Please submit in Document, PDF, or image format. If selected, Loaded Die Review will reach out to you if an additional file format is required.
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