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Here's the story, in Nevada there was a nuclear weapons test, specifically, the Annie test which dropped a bomb near three houses to see if houses could withstand a nuclear weapon. The first house was taken care of OK, nothing beyond the average of what is required, the last house wasn’t taken care of at all, and the middle house was pristine, thoughtful, and cared for beyond belief—the middle house was the only house left standing after the dust from the bomb settled. We are Middle House Review. We want your best work. Only submit work that you think will still be standing after the dust from the bomb of submissions has settled.

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twitter: MiddleH_Review
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Michael Hammerle
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Pay is $25 per acceptance. ​ We accept poetry, fiction, and flash fiction. ​ For Poetry send 3-5 poems. For Fiction no more than 7000 words. For Flash 2000 words or under; you can send multiple pieces in this category as long as you stay under 2000 words. ​ Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please withdraw your work from our queue the minute you accept publication elsewhere. ​ Query after 60 days but know if we haven't responded in the first 60 days we are most likley holding your submission over for the next issue. ​ Middle House Review acquires First North American Serial Rights for the work we accept in our magazine. All rights revert back to the author upon publication but we retain the right to promote the works we've accepted and to include them in our print anthology. If a contributor's work is later republished, we request they note its initial publication in Middle House Review.
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