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(515) 402-7733
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Here at Move Me Poetry, we believe in the power of connection through words. Our mission is to not only provide a space that connects, inspires, and fosters the freedom of expression, thought, creativity, growth and inclusivity, but we also want to keep the love of poetry alive! We believe poetry is more than just words on a page. It is a bridge between the heart and mind of the reader and poet, providing an invisible connection that unites and moves us all to see our world and experiences collectively. We are looking for words that pierce deep into the marrow and refuse to let go, metaphors and stories that linger long after the last syllable is read, and most of all, we want to walk away feeling what you feel. Whether it’s through our weekly poetry battle or through Move Me Monthly, our cash prize contest, we want you to move us and, in turn, move the world. All are welcome to join our growing community of caring Movers, so long as you enter with a kind heart and words that pack a punch! Through content across all platforms, we’ll be selecting and sharing profound writes and explaining how and why they moved us. Get involved but remember… Don’t just tell me, Move Me!

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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, & YouTube
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JD Greyson (Jacki Graham)
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Submissions Policy
We have two different submissions--one for our weekly on Twitter and one for our monthly, which would be what Submittable is used for. In the future, we hope to grow this to include a chapbook, which we will open up a broader submissions policy that accepts more than one piece of work. As of now the Twitter weekly is set up as follows: Poems must be in the below thread, be contained to one tweet, and be about the topic. Winner will be selected by a panel of judges & announced Sunday. Thread closes Friday 5 CST. *Must be contained to one tweet- You may share one jpg, video (spoken word poetry), or normal twitter format of your poem. *Must be about the topic-The word can be alluded to or used in variation. The monthly will be as follows: One poem per submission and must be contained in a single computer file. Submissions cannot be revised after submission. If you need to edit a submission, please simply withdraw it and submit again. We do not penalize for typos and minor changes. If a significant mistake is made, use the internal messaging system to send a new file as an attachment. Contact information should NOT be included in the file that you submit. Your name and contact info will be included in the Submittable fields and this is how we will identify you in the event that you are selected.
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This will be on our website. Currently the Twitter guidelines are posted weekly here :
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