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The literary scene needs a new spark. We’re tired of reading nature poems from Walt Whitman wannabes. The same 12 poets are being recycled and rehashed from fancy lit journal to fancy lit journal. Readers are sick of the same old same, and writers are sick and tired of being ignored and/or exploited in the name of art. Enough. Olit is indie and polished. Literary with grunge roots. Our goal is to give underrepresented writers the floor, the mic, and the space they deserve. We are proudly based in Orlando, Florida. We aim to offer a reading experience as diverse and complex as the tourist city we call home. Olit features fresh voices and writing that is cutting-edge raw yet intellectually stimulating. Residing in the perfect middle ground between the Fancy Pants Academy and running a small zine out of your mom’s garage for indie cred, we bring you the finest writing you won’t find in the mainstream lit scene. Olit serves up fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry that sizzles like a hot summer sidewalk on bare feet.

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Maggie Wolff
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Editor in Chief
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Genres: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Hybrid, Artwork, Photography. Send us all kinds of stuff. We love the artfully weird. Strong preference for Orlando based writers/submissions about Orlando and surrounding areas. We aim to focus primarily on publishing marginalized voices. LGBTQIA+ is a big plus with us. BIPOC voices will always be uplifted here. Disabled? Incarcerated? Low income? Other marginalized voices? Please send us your work. If you do not consider yourself marginalized, your submission is still welcome at Olit if it meets our other criteria. Our aesthetic is best defined as gritty with grace, fast food parking lots in the middle of the night, the underbelly of a tourist city the locals know by memories. We want quality writing with heart and teeth. Give us words that bite back, stories full of verve, and the poems you wouldn’t let Grandma read. We are not the Academy/highbrow lit scene. We are indie and intellectual, raw yet polished. Send us only your best. We welcome simultaneous submissions. We would never ask you not to submit your work to more than one place at a time. Any lit journal still doing that should be banished and left behind. Please send us only previously unpublished works. We do not believe in charging reading fees. It’s hard enough to be a writer without being nickel and dimed. Reading fees also create a barrier to publication for many marginalized voices, which is why Olit will never charge writers to submit. We believe writers deserve monetary compensation for their hard work. As a small literary startup, we are unable to offer a big fancy bankroll. We are only able to pay contributors $10 (PayPal) for publication at this time. If nothing else, 10 bucks will get you a few days of coffee drinking/loitering at your favorite coffee shop or a Chipotle burrito. We hope to offer a more substantial payment in the future. Submission Length: Olit will consider fiction and creative nonfiction of up to 5,000 words. We also like flash pieces in these genres. When submitting, please send only 1 long piece or up to 3 flash pieces of up to 700 words each. For poetry, please send us up to 5 poems of any length.
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