Papeachu Press

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Mission Statement / Editorial Focus
Papeachu (puh-peach-oo) is a feminist small press publishing the works of women and nonbinary creators in order to elevate and venerate a community of work often under-represented. We publish the works we believe in, and believe in the people we publish. Our mission is to see more women and nonbinary creations on the bookstore shelves, in hands of young readers, and in the homes of everyone we both know and don't.

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Instagram, Facebook
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Meg Gray
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Submissions Policy
To submit, email us at [email protected] with the subject line as either "Full Collection Submission" or the title of the anthology project you're submitting to, along with a few other things: — a short bio paragraph including your name, pronouns, any links to your work, and a brief description of yourself as a creator — for full-length collections or novels, please provide a synopsis paragraph — individual attachments for each submission (submit as many as you'd like) and NO google docs!
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Titles In Print
Papeachu Review issues 1-4; Clitaurus Chronicles; Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper