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PRESS PAUSE PRESS... is a literary magazine with zero social media presence. Think of us as a quiet literary think tank. A closed room with a comfortable reclining chair, lots of sunlight and a beautiful vase of daisies. Our motto is "Words and art for the future"; we truly believe we are cultivating a welcoming space where art can be enjoyed in the bullet speed of the ever-expanding modern world. We believe and are hopeful that humans can be empowered to create their own online spaces and experiences without being dragged around by ads and clickbait. The Press Pause mission is to create a quiet and vibrant space online and in print (and on our farm in NC), where artists from all over feel completely free to share whatever is in their hearts. We tell our submitters to send us "whatever is in their hearts" because we want to feel connected to the work above all else. We enjoy honesty, authenticity, quirk, and beauty, both beauty of thought and of prose. We don't consider ourselves gate-keepers. We are more a blank canvas. We want Press Pause to be like walking into your favorite art museum mid-week on a haggard and rare day off when everyone else is working. That one small art museum in that one corner of the city—the one that last month had that exhibit of dogs in the shapes of hats with dogs on them. What was that about?

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Sofie Harsha
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Founder and Managing Editor
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250-1000 (online and in print)
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