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Southland Alibi promotes work that illuminates the human condition. We accept stories told in diverse and innovative formats: from fiction to poetry to creative nonfiction and artwork that reflects true-life experience filtered through the author’s lens. We specifically welcome work from diverse voices and innovative formats.

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UCLA Extension Writers' Program
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Charles Jensen
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Program Director
Submissions Policy
We operate Southland Alibi under an open submission process. We are especially eager to discover and publish work by voices from underrepresented communities. Our response time will vary but we will make every effort to respond to all submissions within three months of receipt. Please note that all submissions will be placed under contract, Southland Alibi reserves first North American serial rights to the pieces we publish, as well as the right for Southland Alibi to anthologize your work, if accepted. Full details will be explained in our publication contract. We currently are not a paying market; however, we will update this policy as our compensation structure develops. We will only consider original work that has not been previously published either in print or online, and we cannot accept excerpts of already published (including self-published) material. Simultaneous submissions are permitted; however, we respectfully request that you notify us immediately if the work has been accepted elsewhere. Please wait for our response on your submission before submitting again. By submitting your work to Southland Alibi, you warrant that: The work is not in the public domain, has not been published anywhere else at any time. You represent that the work you have submitted for consideration has not been distributed or displayed to members of the public, and you have not made any agreement with another party inconsistent with granting first publication rights to us. Further, you represent that the work submitted is your original creation and that you are the sole author/creator of the work and no other party has a claim to rights in it. There is nothing in the work that is libelous, invades personal privacy or deprives another of the right of publicity, or is otherwise actionably tortious or illegal. We do not accept any work that would in any manner support or reflect systematic oppression of individuals or communities, works that promote or propagate hatred, violence, or other damage in any manner, gratuitously graphic, triggering, or violent/sexually violent material. If there is content in your work, including subjects or scenes, which our readers may find disturbing or offensive, kindly send us a brief email query explaining the work, who you are, and some context for the piece. If we are interested in reviewing the submission, we will contact you. Thank you in advance for sharing your work with us! Please do contact us if you have any questions about this submissions policy, the work (including the genre, format, or other legal/creative concerns) before you submit the work for our consideration. We welcome: • short fiction • flash fiction • excerpts from larger works of fiction (subject to our rights and publishing policy) • essays • creative nonfiction • memoir • poetry • short dramatic work such as stage plays or screenplays for television/film • book reviews (please see our policy on book reviews) • interviews • artwork
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