Type Of Organization
Mission Statement / Editorial Focus
Spittoon is a Beijing-based arts collective that does events and programming throughout China and publishes the Spittoon Literary Magazine and CUE (China Urban Expression), all with the goal of bringing together Chinese and Western writers, artists, and literary enthusiasts. We hold a music-poetry collaboration event called Spittunes as well as regular literary events in Beijing, Chengdu, and Gothenburg, Sweden. Spittoon Literary Magazine is a Beijing-based, biannual publication dedicated to bringing Chinese writing and art to an English-language audience. Our unique team of Western and Chinese writers seeks out, translates, and publishes China's best, most exciting new voices. Spittoon is published in print and online as an ebook sold on Amazon.com. www.spittooncollective.com publishes featured translations from the Spittoon Literary Magazine and one exceptional English-language short story or set of poems each month. We encourage submissions from writers around the world.

Social Media Platforms Used
WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
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Primary Editor/Contact Person
Simon Shieh
Contact Title
Managing Editor
essays, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, art, translation
Submissions Policy
Spittoon Literary Magazine (in print and Kindle) accepts English-language essays in the form of cultural criticism that engages with Chinese literature, art, film, and/or the idea of translation. Otherwise, our Chinese writers to be translated are found through volunteer readers who scout Chinese literary magazines and follow recommendations. The translations are completed through a rigorous, multi-step process by in-house volunteers including native speakers in both the source and target languages. Spittoon Monthly, our English-language fiction and poetry series on Spittooncollective.com, accepts short stories less than 4,000 words and sets of 3-5 poems of less than 10 pages. We also accept translations with permission from the author. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, and one short story or set of poems is selected each month for publication on the website and promotion across our communities. We ask for first-time publication rights and the right to archive the work on the website. We unfortunately do not offer compensation at this time.
Accepts Unsolicited Submissions
Simultaneous Submissions Accepted
Reading Period
Year round
Reporting Time
1 - 6 months
Author Payments
Number Of Unpaid Staff
15-20 part-time volunteers
Year Founded
Bookworm Beijing
Amazon.com Ebook
Average Print Run
Total Circulation
Paid Subscriptions
Issues sold individually
$$7 per issue
$$7 per issue
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Back Issues Available
Unsolicited Manuscripts Accepted
Average Number Of Pages
120 pages