The 3rd Thing

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(360) 790-6967
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“The 3rd Thing” is the surprising idea generated when you use imagination instead of compromise to navigate creative projects, relationships and the world. The 3rd Thing produces a suite of 4-6 projects a year that represent interdisciplinary, intersectional priorities in terms of form, content and perspective. We primarily publish the work of people who identify as members of minority and historically marginalized groups. While our emphasis is on print traditions, our projects may take any number of forms: books, broadsides, performances, installations, video anthologies, etc. As we establish a sustainable production and publication rhythm, we will develop and rollout additional ongoing and one-off initiatives such as workshops, reading series, serial and episodic content, and colloquia. As a producer of content, The 3rd Thing is dedicated to saving the planet and each other with processes and projects that create a culture of intimacy, accountability and radical imagination. We think of our projects as necessary alternatives to stultifying creative norms, with special alertness to the ways whiteness, heteronormativity, capitalism and Western values permeate and influence aesthetic and critical priorities and can inflect our editorial perspective and publishing practices.

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The 3rd Thing
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Anne de Marcken
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We accept manuscripts and treatments by invitation only.
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4 forthcoming in February 2020