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The mission of the Upper New website and the Upper New Review to be a curated clearinghouse for expression, exploration, research, learning, design, and stewardship for the populations and communities of the Upper New River watershed. We intend for the website and magazine to serve as a conversation starter concerning the Upper New River watershed as a home for critical thinking, systems wisdom, ecological literacy, and a sense of place. We want to understand the Upper New as a commons. As a neighborhood. As a sanctuary. As a community of practice for all residents and visitors.

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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
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Benjamin Erlandson
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Founder and Publisher
essays, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, art, audio, video
Submissions Policy
These are the general submission guidelines for the Upper New Review, both online and in print. We need to know who is responsible for creating the work. Please provide your name and contact information with the submission. If the work is collaborative, information for all primary contributors involved with the completion of the work should be included. We want to give credit where credit is due. Every submission is required to have a well-conceived cover letter. Please, no boilerplate forms. Please, do not copy and paste. We want to know how it is that you see your work as relevant to the UNR communities, and for inclusion in the Upper New Review. Contextualize your work. Tell us “the why.” Generally, about 3-4 paragraphs should do the trick. Send only complete works that are ready for publication. We do not offer editing services. Please, no simultaneous submissions. We want work specific to the Upper New River Basin. Anyone is welcome to make multiple submissions at once, so long as they are in different categories. For example, you could submit a short story, and one or more paintings of a hummingbird sipping from a native flower. (e.g., prose vs. visual art). If you wish to make multiple submissions in the same category, please wait until you have a response from us before making an additional submission. For example, please don’t submit a short story and an essay at the same time. Submissions must be previously unpublished, in print or online. This includes personal blogs, social media posts, etc. Currently, due to UNR staff limitations, submissions must be written in English. We’re open to all subject matter, with the exception that we will not publish erotica or anything containing gratuitous sexual content. For example, we would happily read a personal reflection on the annual mating habits of river otters in the North Fork of the New River. Responses for any submission can take up to six months, with variations depending on the contents of the submission. Typically, we will strive to have a response for your submission within two months. If it has been six months since you submitted, and you have not heard from us, please do send us a follow-up inquiry! There are typically four results for any submission: Acceptance for online publication Acceptance for print publication Rejection Request for revisions (with constructive feedback) Questions about the revision with feedback process? Drop us a line! Your work is yours. You retain general copyright for your intellectual property and creative expressions. For all accepted works (both online and print), The Upper New Review claims First North American Serial Rights for a period of six months from the date of publication (online or in print). Once the six month period has expired, we ask that you credit the original UNR publication in future publications (either use the permalink or a proper citation in your style of choice).
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1 - 6 months
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