What We Do


CLMP provides direct technical assistance to independent literary publishers and produces programs designed to bring the many communities our work touches together, including readers, writers, literary translators, booksellers, educators and librarians.

For Publishers, we offer a variety of workshops and roundtables; one-on-one consultations; technical assistance documents; media, funder and consultant databases; and work to build bridges between them and our many communities who care about literature through networking events and other programs. For more detail, to access online resources, or to become a CLMP member publisher, explore the PUBLISHER RESOURCES bar on the left.

For readers, writers, booksellers, librarians, translators, educators, and all who care about literary publishing being diverse and vibrant, we offer an annual Literary Writers Conference, annual Firecracker Awards, public panel discussions, small press and literary magazine fairs, news about what’s happening in the world of literary magazine and small press publishing, and a free, online Directory of Independent Literary Publishers. For more detail, to access the online Directory, or read more about public CLMP programs or our Literary Writers Conference, explore the READERS & WRITERS bar on the left.