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Give a gift cut from new cloth this year! The Whiting Literary Magazine Prizes recognize remarkable publications, and this holiday season these prizewinners have teamed up to offer three spectacular packages. Subscribe now and receive year-long subscriptions at a discount—or give gift subscriptions to all the curious readers in your lives. And support indie lit while you’re at it!



The Houndstooth Bundle: $55

Foglifter (2 issues): Rooted in the San Francisco Bay Area, Foglifter supports intersectional, and transgressive queer and trans writing so readers can see their own experiences authentically represented. Fresh, alive, ripe with creative energy and an unflagging imagination. —Whiting judges’ citation

A Public Space (3 issues): This singular literary, arts, and culture magazine welcomes voices and conversation unheard elsewhere,  challenging writers and readers to move beyond borders. A gorgeously curated cabinet of wonders, A Public Space puts emerging talents in dynamic conversation with writers rediscovered through a kind of archival derring-do. —Whiting judges’ citation


The Herringbone Bundle: $47

The Common (2 issues): The Common publishes stories, essays, and poetry suffused with the particularities of place by diverse voices from around the world, including regional portfolios and works in translation. A roving artistic and intellectual GPS point, uniting readers as students of the human condition. —Whiting judges’ citation

Conjunctions (2 issues): Each issue of Conjunctions is a living notebook of innovative fiction, poetry, essays, and genre-defying work. The journal’s book-length format gives space to long-form work and a multitude of voices—from established to emerging authors. A feat of curatorial invention, and an expansive survey of our most pressing concerns. —Whiting judges’ citation


The Honeycomb Bundle: $56

Black Warrior Review (2 issues): The oldest continuously-run literary journal produced by graduate students in the United States,  Black Warrior Review nurtures writing that moves outside boundaries of form and genre, championing the unexpected. An act of optimistic revolution, Black Warrior Review is a singular beacon for adventurous writing that shines forth from Alabama. —Whiting judges’ citation

Fence (2 issues): Fence is a biannual journal of poetry, fiction, art, and criticism that speaks across genre, socio-cultural niches, and ideological boundaries. Open an issue at random and you’ll find something vivid, strange, and beautiful, joyfully pushing at the limit of form and trusting its readers to keep up. This pioneer remains central to the canon. —Whiting judges’ citation

One Story (12 issues): One Story is a literary magazine that publishes one short story at a time. Subscribers receive one curated and edited work of short fiction each month in the mail. A standard-bearer for elegance. . .   these fictions create sumptuous, almost novelistic worlds. —Whiting judges’ citation

Note: Each subscription is for one year. Depending on each magazine’s publication schedule, the first issue may take a few months to arrive.


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