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NYSCA NYTAP (New York State Technical Assistance Program)

Serving the Literary Publishers of New York State

New York State has one of the most active populations of literary publishers in the country, and is home to the largest number of CLMP members. The NYSCA-funded New York State Technical Assistance Program [NYTAP] is a program administered by CLMP and supported by the New York State Council on the Arts Literature Program that provides assistance specifically to the magazines and presses of New York State.

NYSCA NYTAP was first developed in the Fall of 1997 when it became clear to both NYSCA and CLMP that publishers would benefit greatly from technical assistance. NYSCA NYTAP has succeeded in engaging magazines and presses that represent the range of publishers in the state from Review: Latin American Literature and Arts, White Pine Press, The Hudson Review, and BOA Editions, Ltd. to emerging publishers such as Bright Hill Press, Blue Line, Lungfull! and Mosaic Literary Magazine.

Through NYSCA NYTAP, CLMP supports New York State’s diverse community of publishers through targeted technical services. These services aim to strengthen and connect this community while increasing the organizational capacity and fiscal stability of individual publishers. Through NYSCA NYTAP, CLMP develops and administers programs at a state level that can then be adopted more effectively by CLMP at a national level. The NYSCA NYTAP program cultivates a strong presence for independent publishing in the nation’s publishing capital—and throughout the culturally and artistically rich state of New York.

NYSCA NYTAP’s primary methods for delivering services to publishers include:

  • Workshops and roundtables on marketing, fundraising, organizational development and other issues facing independent literary publishers; (print and on-line transcripts of select roundtables and workshops are made available so publishers nation-wide can benefit from these practical and informative conversations;
  • Organizational Capacity Project Regrants in the amount of $500 to $1500;
  • NYSCA Regrants, allowing organizations too small to apply to NYSCA directly, as well as qualifying organizations who have not been awarded NYSCA finding, to receive support.
  • NYSCA Travel Grants, offering stipends to assist publishers in taking advantage of professional development opportunities;
  • Forums for Exchange and Networking Opportunities to increase shared learning and resources throughout the state; and
  • Consultations with the CLMP staff, who are available to meet informally with publishers to strategize projects and help initiate collaborations.

This program is funded by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. For more information on NYSCA NYTAP programming, please contact Montana Agte-Studier, Director of Membership & NYSCA NYTAP: magte-studier@clmp.org, (212) 741-9110 X12.

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