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Call For Submissions

Thimble Literary Magazine is primarily a poetry journal, but we happily publish plenty of short prose and art. We are not looking for anything in particular in terms of form or style, but that it speaks to the reader or writer in some way. Meaning, we’re not huge fans of abstractions. When selecting your poems or prose, please ask yourself, did writing this poem help me create shelter? Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please notify us if the work is accepted elsewhere. All material must be original and cannot have appeared in another publication. This includes social media and personal blogs.

Please note:  If you have published with us previously, please hold off on submitting to us again for one full year. Tracking the issue number is a good way to know when your window is open. Each year is its own number. So if you appeared in 5.4, for example, you would need to hold off in submitting until we’re open for submissions for 6.4.

Poetry: Please send us two to four of your poems.

Prose: Please send a single work of around 1,200 words. It can be fiction, creative non-fiction, or somewhere in between.

Art: Please send us three to five examples of your art, which can include photographs and photographs of three-dimensional pieces. The images need to be as high-quality as you can.

Please submit only one entry per genre, once per submission period. That is, you may submit five works of art, but not three poems and two works of art. If you submit a second packet during the same submission period, it will be deleted unread.

Submissions can be in one document or several. Word, Google Docs, or Open Office preferred. Please include a short bio. Please do not use PDF, especially for art.

We are a thimble-sized staff. We do try and respond to each and every submission within 75 days. If you have not received a response, please send us an email.

All submissions go to ThimbleLitMagSubmissions at gmail dot com. Put the genre in the subject line. This can be basic. For example “Poetry,” “Art,” or “Prose.”

***PLEASE NOTE: WE UPDATED THE EMAIL ADDRESS FOR SUBMISSIONS. It is different than what it was before. If you send it to an email you may have had before…nothing bad will happen, actually. You just made more work for me. But please do note the new email.

Again, the email is now ThimbleLitMagSubmissions at gmail.

Submission Period
May 1, 2024 - June 30, 2024

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