April 2021 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in April 2021. You can also discover magazine issues launched in March, as well as books launched in April by CLMP members.


Aletheia Literary Quarterly | The Night and Day are Human. Words are Djinns.

Featuring poetry by David Brooks and Melissa Curran and fiction by Zayit Skole, Nasrin Mahoutchi, and Michelle Hamadache.





The Amistad | Spring 2021

Featuring an interview with Roxane Gay and a poem by Nicole Sealey.





Carve Magazine | Spring 2021

Featuring fiction by Sydney Rende and Caroline Kim, poetry by Ruth Baumann, and an interview with Maisy Card.





Chestnut Review | Volume 2, Issue 4

Featuring poetry by Gretchen Rockwell, Satya Dash, and Fatima Malik; prose by Brittany White and Rui-Yang Peng; and more.





Club Plum Literary Journal | Volume 2, Issue 2

Featuring prose poetry by Sean Rys and hybrid works by Jesse Millner and t.m. thomson.





The Common | Issue 21

Featuring art and Arabic fiction in translation from Morocco; short stories by Martha Cooley and Celeste Mohammed; poetry by Denise Duhamel and Jose Hernandez Diaz; and more.




Conduit | Issue 31: Alone Together

Featuring writing by Albert Goldbarth, Sandra Simonds, María Negroni, and Dean Young.





Creative Nonfiction | Issue 75: Celebrating a Milestone

Featuring essays by Emily Bernard, Joe Fassler, and Sonya Huber, and interviews with Dave Eggers, Leslie Jamison, Sheri Fink, and Eric Larson.





Dark Matter:Women Witnessing | Issue 12: How Do We Know? Part II

Featuring a prose poem by Margo Berdeshevsky, a collection of poetry curated by Melissa Kwasny, and prose by Deena Metzger, all addressing questions of knowing and unknowing.




The Decolonial Passage | April 2021

Featuring fiction by Linda Wanja Thotho and poetry by Mohammed Salihu, J. Archer Avary, and Tara Menon.




eMerge | Issue 10

Featuring poetry by Zhenya Yevtushenko and Wendy Taylor Carlisle and prose by Morris McCorvey and Nikki Hanna.




Foglifter | Volume 6, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Donika Kelly, prose by N/A Oparah and Sylvia Sukop, and an interview with Joy Priest.





The Georgia Review | Volume 75, Issue 1

Featuring writing by T Cooper, Eloghosa Osunde, Kazim Ali, Heather Christle, and Nikki Wallschlaeger.





Humana Obscura | Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Gary Young and Christopher Buckley, prose by Maggie Maze and Richard LeBlond, and artwork by Katie Ryan and Marina Savashynskaya Dunbar.





Instant Noodles | Volume 1, Issue 1: Very Veggie

Featuring writing by writers over 40, including memoir by William F. Crandell, poetry by Kenneth Pobo and Colin James, and short fiction by Nadja Maril and Niles Reddick.





Literary Mama | March/April 2021

Featuring creative nonfiction by Kris Martinez; fiction by Ruyi Wen, Pamela Stutch, and Rachel Hayes; and poetry by Alexa Doran, Manisha Sharma, Sonia Beauchamp, and more.




The Literary Review | Volume 63, Issue 4: Turning Points and Revolution

Featuring poetry by Willie Perdomo, Julia Guez, and Matthew Lippman; prose by Jessie van Eerden and María Ospina; and more.





Lucky Jefferson | Issue 6: Riff

Featuring poetry by Resi Ibañez, Raphael Jenkins, Lissa Batista, and Katie Manning.






The MacGuffin | Volume 37, Issue 1

Featuring the selected poets of Poet Hunt 25: Vivian Shipley, Rita Schweiss, and John Jeffire, and featuring Poet Hunt 26 guest judge Indigo Moor.





The Markaz Review | Issue 8: Marseille

Featuring writing by Lisa Hajjar, Marian Janssen, Preeta Samarasan, and Malu Halasa.




Mom Egg Review | Issue 19

Featuring poetry by Brian Clements, January Gill O’Neil, and Dayna Patterson, and fiction by Mary McLaughlin Slechta.





Months To Years | Spring 2021

Featuring nonfiction by Sara Pirkle and Beth Ayotte and poetry by Ed Higgins and Ralph James Savarese.





Passager | Issue 70

Featuring poetry by Zeina Azzam and James McGrath, memoir by Dian Seidel, and more.





Pink Panther Magazine | Volume 12, Issue 1

Featuring poetry, prose, and art by women around the globe including art by Dorina Costras and Dodi Ballada and poetry by Leanna Hamill and Dmitra Gideon.





Please See Me | Issue 7: Mental Health

Featuring nonfiction by David Martinez, fiction by Rhonda Zimlich, poetry by Emily Boshkoff, and more.




Ploughshares | Issue 471

Featuring fiction by Helen Phillips and Fernando A. Flores and poetry by Kaveh Akbar, Eloisa Amezcua, and Carl Phillips.






Sinister Wisdom | Issue 120: Asian Lesbians

Guest-edited by Vi Khi Nao and featuring contributors from the United States and around the world.






Spittoon Literary Magazine | Issue 7

Featuring new translations of poetry by 谢觉晓 Xie Juexiao, 廖伟棠 Liao Weitang, 七个托马 Qige Tuoma and 朱一叶 Zhu Yiye and of fiction by 文珍 Wen Zhen, 林棹 Lin Zhao, 阿乙 A Yi and 李唐 Li Tang.



The Sun Magazine | Issue 544

Featuring an interview with Sheldon Solomon, essays by Debra Gwartney and Josh Swiller, fiction by Jen Silverman, poetry by Kathryn Jordan and Michael Pearce, and more.




Tahoma Literary Review | Issue 20

Featuring nonfiction by Lindsay Adams and Marcos McPeek Villatoro, fiction by Tom Gammarino, and poetry by Thea Matthews.




Watershed Review | Spring 2021

Featuring poetry by Hannah Wells, nonfiction by Anita Levin, fiction by Ra’Niqua Lee, art by Neal Snidow, and more.