April 2024 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in April 2024.


Logo of ANMLY with the text in black inside a twisted mobius shape colored in with multicolored patches, against a pale purple background.ANMLY | Issue 38

Featuring poetry by Feisal G. Mohamed, Malcolm Friend, and Michael Chang, and nonfiction by Miah Jeffra.





Apple Valley Review | Volume 19, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Jadranka Milenković and fiction by Andrew Siegrist, Thomas Mixon, and Roger Mensink.





Big Wing Review | Issue 2: Relationships

Featuring fiction by Eva M. Schlesinger, poetry by Anyély Gómez-Dickerson, and art by Matina Vossou.





Brink | Issue 7: Relief

Featuring poetry by Anna Joy Springer, nonfiction by Simone Zapata and Carter St Hogan, and fiction by Alyse Knorr.





Chestnut Review | Volume 5, Issue 4

Featuring poetry by Hazelle Rachelle, fiction by Coby-Dillon English, and art by Vincenzo Cohen.






The Closed Eye Open | Issue 11

Featuring poetry by Caiti Quatmann, Emily-Sue Sloane, and Sandrine Letellier; and art by Emily Krill and Isabella Ronchetti.






The Common | Issue 27

Featuring poetry by January Gill O’Neil, Cortney Lamar Charleston, and Juliet S. K. Kono; fiction by Jade Song; nonfiction by Sven Birkerts; and a special portfolio of Arabic fiction from Chad, Eritrea, and South Sudan.





Coneflower Cafe | Spring 2024

Featuring poetry by Carol Hamilton, fiction by Chloe Evans-Cross, and art by Karen Colstrom and Claudio Parentela.






The Hopkins Review | Volume 17, Issue 2

Featuring work for, about, and by the poet Joseph Harrison (1957–2024); nonfiction by Donald Quist; and a conversation with Willard Spiegelman and Mary Jo Salter.





eMerge Magazine | Issue 22

Featuring fiction by Julie Peterson Freeman and Zeek Taylor, and poetry by Ron Wallace, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, and Wendy Taylor Carlisle.




The Kenyon Review | Volume 46, Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Fatima Jafar and Marcus Wicker; fiction by Nick Almeida, Beth Bachmann, and Lauren Cassani Davis; and a folio of Literary Curiosities, with work by Jennifer Chang, J. D. Debris, Summer Farah, Eliza Gilbert, Christine Imperial, Phoebe Peter Oathout, Tega Oghenechovwen, and Maya C. Popa.




MER – Mom Egg Review | Issue 22: Ages/Stages Issue

Featuring poetry by Kelli Russell Agodon and U-meleni Mhlaba-Adebo; fiction by Cheryl J. Fish and Lydia Gwyn; nonfiction by Francesca Bell and Barbara Henning; and art by Koss and Megan Merchant.





Quibble Quarterly | Volume I: Ripple

Featuring poetry by Andy Perrin and Erica Vanstone, fiction by A. R. Bird, and art by G. J. Gillespie.






Raleigh Review | Volume 14, Issue 1

Featuring fiction by the Raleigh Review Flash Fiction Prize winners.






River Styx | Issue 107

Featuring poetry by James Crews, nonfiction by Sarah Viren, and fiction by Katya Apekina and Fortunato Salazar.






Sinister Wisdom | Issue 132: How Can a Woman Who is With a Trans Man Call Herself a Lesbian?

Featuring poetry by Evelyn C. White, nonfiction by Minnie Bruce Pratt, and additional writing by Kimberly Dark and Mary Vermillion.





Southern Humanities Review | Volume 57, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Chloe Martinez and Ross White, nonfiction by Shala Erlich, and fiction by Marilyn Abildskov.






Spoken Black Girl Magazine | Issue 5: Motherhood

Featuring poetry by Leonora Martelly and nonfiction by Shameka Poetry Thomas and Kyrah K. Brown.






The Sun | April 2024

Featuring poetry by Alison Luterman, Matthew Siegel, and Glenn Stowell; nonfiction by Jennifer Bowen; fiction by Chelsea Bowlby and Leath Tonino; and an interview with Wendy Liu.




Variant Literature | Issue 18

Featuring poetry by Zoe Boyer and Penelope Alegria, nonfiction by Melissent Zumwalt and Rachel Orta, and fiction by Dan Crawley and Anthony Gedell.




Wellspringwords Literary Anthology | Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Desiree McCray and Jaclyn Navar, nonfiction by Reni Roxas, and experimental writing by Chaaeun Hwang.




Words Without Borders | April 2024

Featuring poetry by Cristina Rivera Garza, translated from Spanish by Ilana Luna and Cheyla Samuelson.